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10 Adult Dragons Adding Strength To The Targaryen Dynasty

By Sumit Sahu
August 23,2022

The Episode 1 of House of Dragon is out, which is set 200 years before Game of Thrones. In the first episode we have witnessed characters and their actions, as hinted in Game of Thrones, with more significance.

Most of us have been through all the seasons of Game Of Thrones, and we have seen the dominance that dragons have over all the kingdoms, kings, thrones and armies. Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, showed us glimpse of the power that dragons possess in destroying empires.

Daenerys hatched the three dragon eggs and strengthened her claim to the Iron Throne. There was no doubt to her power when people saw three dragons flying over their heads, protecting Daenerys. She gained armies, won thrones and marched her way to the Iron Throne.

Imagine The Power Of 10 Dragons Guarding The Westeros

Princess Rhaenyra

Princess Rhaenyra- House of Dragon

As the episode proceeds, we get to learn that Targaryens were the strongest among all other houses and kingdoms. They believed that, only a Targaryen should sit on the Iron Throne to maintain balance and peace across Westeros and around the world.

The kings and kingdoms are afraid to wage war for the Iron Throne, because they know their fate in ashes. 10 adult dragons are guarding Westeros and protecting the Targaryen family, and everyone contributing and supporting their reign.

We saw Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen riding the back of a mid-age dragon named Syrax. It is the yellow-scaled female dragon that is solely for Rhaenyra to ride.

A little later in the scene where Aemma, wife of Viserys Targaryen, gave birth to a son in a bloody situation, which costed the life of both mother and son. Later, a dragon was seen at the cremation ground to pay last rites to their bodies, placed over wooden blocks and wrapped in holy cloth.

The dragon heard the famous command, ‘Dracarys’ and lit up the cremation bed of Aemma and her son Baelon. The name of this dragon is yet not revealed in the show. But with the history of Game of Thrones, we can guess we will have such scenes further in the show, to finally let us know the name of this dragon.

And the third dragon we saw was Caraxes, dragon of Daemon Targaryen. We saw him when King Viserys banished him from his duties and asked him to return to his wife and house.

Do Targaryens Have More Than 10 Dragons?

Rhaneyra's Dragon

Rhaneyra’s Dragon

So far, we have seen three adult dragons, just in the first episode of House of Dragon. And remember, the narrator said that there are 10 adult dragons with the Targaryens, which means they still have smaller ones and might have many dragon eggs that are yet to hatch.

This process of breeding and growing dragons might have continued till the era when the Targaryen dynasty was compromised. And it all came down to three dragon eggs left with Daenerys Targaryen. So, we are definitely about to see a lot of Dragon involved episodes in this series. Stay tuned.