10 Major And Definitive Events In Star Wars Sith History

The Sith Order are the antagonists in the Star Wars franchise. They are the ones who have been a thorn impeding every progress in the

By Ishita Chatterjee
August 17,2021
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The Sith Order are the antagonists in the Star Wars franchise. They are the ones who have been a thorn impeding every progress in the Star Wars galaxy. Through millennia, the Order has slowly grown powerful and caused the destruction of multiple worlds.

All this was just because they wanted to consolidate power and attain absolute dominance. However, their history hasn’t been one full of victories. There have been defeats as well that have crippled them and led to their extinction.

The Sith Order consists of Force users who wield the darkness of the power. They don’t care much for the well-being of others. This specific ideology was drilled into the Sith Order and refined with the help of mandates, teachings, and structure.

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It is these strict rules combined with the structure that allowed the Sith to rule over the galaxy multiple times. Now, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the Sith Order, but we do know enough about the major events in their history.

Here we will take a trip down memory lane and talk about the major defining events in Sith history. These are:

10- The Long Hundred-Year Darkness

The Hundred Year Darkness gave rise to the Sith
The Hundred Year Darkness gave rise to the Sith

As per Legends Canon, the Sith Order began during an ancient time period of Jedi history that’s known as the Hundred Year Old Darkness. During this time, Jedi Master Ajunta Pall was the one who started digging deep into the dark side and tried to understand what it consisted of.

This corrupted his mind and made him the first Sith acolyte. As such, this made him come into direct conflict and opposition with the Jedis. Of course, as expected, the Jedi Order did exile him. But that obviously wasn’t the end of the story.

Ajunta Pall took a sizeable number of students with him. All these students shared his passion and ideology over pacifism. Thus, the Sith Order was made.

Know that this event is canonized in the canon Disney timeline too. However, Ajunta Pall wasn’t referenced in the canon timeline, and as such, it’s one of the greatest unanswered questions regarding Sith history in the canon timeline.


9- Creating A Korriban Base

Sith Academy in Korriban
Sith Academy in Korriban

After the exile, the Sith Order set up their base of operations on multiple planets. This included Mustafar, Dromund Kaas, and Tython. However, their major planet was Korriban. It was an ancient Sith world where they built their catacombs and temples.

As such, it contained a large part of their mythology. And this included the Valley of the Dark Lords as well. Later on, Korriban became known as Moraband. However, the infamy stayed on.

That planet became a well-known springboard for launching attacks on the Jedi Order and the Old Republic. Not to mention the fact that it also became a means to dive further into the dark side and refine their views and ideologies about the Force.


8- Conquering Coruscant

Siths conquer Coruscant
Siths conquer Coruscant

Any Star Wars fan knows the story of how Coruscant fell to Darth Sidious in the movie. But it certainly wasn’t the first time that the Sith managed to capture the planet.

Know that about 5,000 years or more before the infamous Battle of Yavin was shown in the first Star Wars movie, the Sith started a campaign to get Coruscant and were successful in capturing it.

Later on, the combined power of the Jedi/ Republic forces did manage to free the planet. Also, the Jedis built their own temple right on top of a Sith shrine to eliminate or at the very least contain the dark energy present within it.

However, this move backfired. In fact, it was a win for the Sith since the dark energy from their shrine would swirl in their Order and slowly debilitate the Jedi Order from the inside out for the next thousand years and more.


7- The Malachor Situation

Sith temple in Malachor
Sith temple in Malachor

Star Wars fans tend to associate the planet Malachor with negative things. This is because, in the famous Star Wars video game called Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords, Malachor-V was the place of a crippling catastrophe.

Thousands died, and it left a festering open wound in the very fabric of the Force. But this wasn’t the only planet that had Malachor as its name. The was another planet that bore the same name. It was an old Sith world where the Order had constructed an entire series of superweapons.

Know that this included a huge temple that was powered using a massive kyber crystal. However, the planet suffered the same fate as that of Malachor-V. There was a catastrophic event that took place when the large weapon misfired.

As a result, everyone on the surface was instantly petrified. This event would forever live on in both Jedi and Sith lore.


6- The Infamous Jedi Purge

Mandalorian War
Mandalorian War

When the Mandalorians started expanding throughout the galaxy, it put them into conflict with the Old Republic. Eventually, the Jedi Order was also pulled into the conflict. And this resulted in a terribly devastating war. As a result, many Jedi went to the dark side through either nihilism or violence.

As expected, this proved to be disastrous. Know that Malek and Revan, who were two really famous Sith Lords from the days of the Old Republic left their Jedi ways and attacked the now-weakened Republic.

However, Revan did leave the dark side and even defeated Malek later on. But it just paved the way for a greater purge of the Jedi by the Sith Triumvirate. Due to this, both the Jedi Order, as well as the Republic, nearly went extinct.


5- The Order Falls

Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker

Before the Battle of Yavin, about 1000 years ago, the Sith fought against the Republic in a war of epic scale. However, this time, the constant internal power struggles and infighting had weakened the Sith Order. And this led to them being defeated by the Republic forces and the Jedi Order.

When the dust was settled, Sith Lord Darth Bane went into hiding. There he re-established the Sith Order using his Rule of Two. As per this rule, no one would be able to claim the title of a Sith Lord just on a whim.

From then on, the Siths operated in full secrecy. There was going to be just one master and one apprentice at any given time. It was this rule that was definitely the most important moment in the entirety of the Dark Order’s history.


4- Darth Sidious Gains Power

Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious

After a thousand years of peace, the Jedi Order tended to largely ignore the Sith. In fact, they thought that they were extinct. After all, either their worlds were cleansed of any Sith history or they were isolated from the events.

However, Darth Bane’s Sith Order restructuring was effective. And the newly formed Order was quietly building strength and counting down the centuries as they passed knowledge from Master to apprentice. Eventually, Sheev Palpatine became Darth Plageuis’ apprentice, and the two tried to gain control of the Republic so that they could rule it from within.

However, Sidious, later on, turned on Darth Plageuis to take an apprentice of his own. He did this all the while also winning the race for the Supreme Chancellor. Fans will know that this is what started the new era of Sith ascension.


3- The Jedi Order Falls

A group of notable Jedis
A group of notable Jedis

Darth Sidious operated in secrecy but in plain sight of the Jedi Order. He used the dark energies emanating from the old Sith Shrine present beneath the temple to completely weaken the Jedis’ powers.

Due to this, he fooled the Order while simultaneously making the Republic’s clone army fight in the Clone Wars. This spread the Jedis thin, and thus, they were left vulnerable when Order 66 was carried out.

During Order 66, many Clone troopers turned on their Jedi partners and murdered them without any hesitation. Along with this, the new Darth Vader killed those within the Jedi Temple and left only a few of them to carry on the legacy.

The Sith won, and as a result, the Galactic Empire was born.


2- The Sith Get Destroyed, And A Prophecy Gets Fulfilled

Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi
Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi

About 30 years since the destruction of the Jedi Order, the Empire under Darth Sidious was busy tightening its hold on the galaxy. Under the title of Emperor Palpatine, Darth Sidious completely dissolved the Old Republic Senate system and made the feared Death Star.

It was this that destroyed Alderaan before getting vanquished at the Yavin battle. As a result of this defeat, Luke Skywalker rose up to get the title of a Jedi Knight for the very first time in decades. As expected, Sidious tried to turn Luke to the dark side, but he failed.

So he tried to murder him. But Darth Vader intervened and killed Palpatine. Thus, ending the entire Sith Order in one swoop. This made the old Jedi prophecy come true about the Chosen One who would bring the balance back to the Force.


1- The Second Defeat

Rey Skywalker
Rey Skywalker

Fans of Star Wars will know that Darth Sidious cheated death in both Legends and in the canonical Disney timeline. In the Disney timeline, his spirit possessed a cloned body on Exogol that was being held together by life support mechanisms.

This proved to be an absolutely nonsensical plot in the severely criticized Disney Sequel Trilogy. However, in the Legends timeline, Sidious used clones to keep his spirit alive as well.

He also tried to turn Skywalker to the darkness again while choosing one of Leia and Han’s kids as a vessel for his spirit so that he could again be alive.

But he failed in his plan after his essence got destroyed after getting absorbed by the Jedi Knight Empatojayos Brand with the spirits of the Jedi who had died before that time.

It’s not possible to imagine Star Wars without the Sith Order. They are the darkness to the light of the Jedi. It can be said that without them Star Wars wouldn’t be as loved as it is now. And these above events are a major part of their history. But did we miss any? What do you think was the one event that defines the Jedi best?

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