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10 Marvel Characters Who Went Toe-to Toe With The Hulk

By Rishabh Shandilya
August 24,2022

The Hulk is, without a doubt, one of the most destructive and badass characters in the Marvel universe.  It’s possible that many of you can’t think of an instance in which Hulk lost or was treated fairly.

With all that down the drain, let’s know who among the endless Marvel roster has gone toe-to-toe with the green beast.

1. Wolverine

Wolverine has his throne set among the most well-known mutants in the X-Men canon and is responsible for leveling the green monster in one of the most painful, and violent ways possible. In an alternative timeline, the Hulk becomes corrupted by a gloomy future. He orders his henchmen to wipe out the resilient community Logan has built for himself in the wastes.

When Logan confronted the Hulk head-on out of rage, the Hulk devoured him. Logan, nevertheless, being the clever sort, regenerated within the Hulk’s guts and wrestled his way out, thereby defeating the Hulk for good.

2. Thor

There have been many battles between the great God of Thunder and Hulk, and nearly none of them have resulted in a decisive victory for either character. However, in the 2001 Incredible Hulk Edition, Thor delivers a stealthy, and potent bolt of lightning to the rear of Hulk’s skull, striking the greenish monster totally senseless.

Thor then takes up Hulk’s comatose carcass like a huge green ragdoll. Even if Thor’s victory is short-lived since Hulk awakens and knocks him out while he’s in mid-flight, I’ll still give Thor the score.

3. Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man

In the Movies, The billionaire playboy and Bruce Banner are drinking buddies who only battled once. However, in the comics, Iron Man and the Hulk have battled often, including while trying to provide treatment, collaborating, and dealing with deception.

In Iron Man #132, the hero is trying to help Banner get well when the Monster breaks out and they have to battle to keep the citizens safe. After luring the Giant into the water, Iron Man lets loose the full might of his armor to strike the Hulk over the skull with a concussive punch.

4. Silver Surfer

As far as Marvel characters go, the Silver Surfer is the only one who is able to consistently knock the hell out of Banner’s alter-ego. After the Hulk became obnoxious in editions #92–93, the Surfer simply knocked him out with his celestial strength and smacked the green monster over the head with his surfboard.

In issue #250 of The Incredible Hulk, the former sought the Hulk for assistance in penetrating the force barrier Galactus had constructed to confine him on Planet. When the Hulk loses it, the Surfer uses his cosmic powers to quickly and irritably extract the radiation from his system, restoring Bruce Banner’s true self.

5. Otto Octavious

Ten buck says, that you didn’t know he was on the list. Otto is a fascinating personality since he is so cunning and clever in his ideas. The villain’s ability to overcome the Hulk is shocking, but understandable in the correct setting.

In one of his schemes, he attempted to assemble the Sinister Six, and in the process, he succeeded in causing Spider-Man no end of trouble. Seeing what was going on, The Hulk stepped in to help the wall-crawler out. But Otto had impenetrable armor added to his tentacles, posing a challenge for Banner. Otto’s relentless pummeling of the radioactive Titan with the famously hard metal, the Hulk was beaten into submission.

6. Juggernaut

Like Banner, the next one on our list is a relentless wrecking machine, making him a serious candidate for the top spot among Marvel’s heavyweights. Cain Marko’s strength derives from the Crimson Gem, a dark and wicked god of annihilation who is frequently the target of Marko’s own anger. They’ve fought on several occasions, each time going back and forth in the score.

At one point, Hulk battled Juggernaut without realizing it was the latter. Banner felt this guy was easy prey since he wasn’t donning his customary outfit. After an intense bodily struggle through the jungle, Marko eventually strangled him to sleep.

7. Sentry

Sentry’s beginnings have been muddled from the start, but one thing is clear as a crystal that the former has found a good company in the green giant, and is often the only one who recognizes the hero when no one else does.

There came a point in World War Hulk, when everyone had fallen or was incapacitated by the green giant, and it was concluded that the only way to stop the Hulk, whose abilities were infinite, was to bring his best friend. When they fought, they’d both spend incredible quantities of energy, virtually wiping out Manhattan and bringing down whole skyscrapers. After using so much power, both are reduced to their original forms, with Bruce finishing the battle with a feeble blow and Robert fainting.

8. Jennifer Walters a.k.a She-Hulk

Jennifer Walters is a successful attorney and Hulk’s only cousin. In the comics, she becomes She-Hulk after getting a blood transfusion from her cousin. Given their closeness, it’s unlikely that they’d ever considered physically confronting each other.

This belief was painfully tested throughout the dark times of World War Hulk when the former slammed his cousin without any prior thought. She-Hulk may be the greatest female superhero in MCU, but even she is no match for her the Hulk, who mistakenly granted her superpowers and then rushed out to resume his spree while She-Hulk lay motionless on the ground.

9. Hulk vs Maestro

In one version, the Hulk loses his mind from radiation poisoning and emotional trauma and becomes the Maestro in an alternative timeline. He leads his dominion, forcing his oppressed subjects to rely on outmoded tools so that he may advance in the past. After then, a battle between the two Hulks ensues. Young, arrogant, and powerful as the Hulk may be, Maestro predicts his every move, and when the time is right, he sneaks up behind him and breaks the Hulk’s spine.

10. Havoc

A lady named Polaris, one of the X-Men was once traveling around in 1972 trying to locate another member of the X-Men, Havok. Hulk nearby mistook her for a female called Janella, and grabbed her Kong-style after seeing her green tresses.

Havok arrives there to fight, and as the Hulk pulls up a chunk of the mountain to maybe kill him by smashing him with it, the latter utilizes his abilities and rendered the green giant unconscious. Without a second thought, the duo abandon the comatose Hulk on the ground. For Hulk, this was especially humiliating since it occurred in one of his own comics.

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