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10 Power You Didn’t Knew Hulk Had

By Rishabh Shandilya
August 24,2022

Rick Jones’s pranks as a teenager put Bruce Banner in the middle of a gamma warhead explosion, where he got some amazing superhuman strenth and a new friend. However, his skillsets rendered him more angry, or “Hulked out.

The Hulk’s strength is remarkable, but it’s far from his only superpower. Check out these 10 of his abilities that you definitely missed!

1. Space Doesn’t Scare Him

While his indestructibility on Land is certain, what happens in deep space? The Hulk’s superior ability to withstand the harsh conditions of orbit has made him an indispensable member of the Marvel team on their many galactic excursions.

Because of his incredible adaptability, the Hulk is a character who can take on threats from anyplace in the known world. When the Hulk’s spaceship was destroyed, he got incredibly furious, and his physiology adapted so that he could withstand any sort of space situation.

2. He’s Bulletproof

Given that the Hulk is often shown in a shirtless and ragged state, it would be reasonable to presume that he has little physical protection. Perhaps he thinks his strength will protect him from harm, right? As it comes out, he doesn’t need to wear protective gear since he can deal with everything that comes his way. Similarly like Superman, the Hulk is immune to harm from any source.

Banner’s transformation into the green giant isn’t a just visual one. Although his green complexion makes him handsome, it also gives him with superior defense than that of a regular man. As a result of his thick skin, the Hulk is immune to many common forms of assault. So It’s pointless to waste bullets on someone who will just shrug off the damage and continue on his way.

3. Hulk’s Signature Thunderclap

When heroes still had unique trademark moves, the Hulk’s signature thunderclap so strong it would knock out foes from miles away just by clapping his palms. Though the Monster has developed many other incredible abilities since then, its alwsy a joy to see the green-giant clapping his hands together.

Thunderclap has the power to alter the course of battle since it can silence his opponents, throw them off their game, and put out flames.

4. Disease!! What’s That

The Hulk’s strength is most often equated with its ability to lift massive objects. However, there are a variety of strengths that go beyond physical power, such as an abnormal capacity for enduring suffering. There’s little doubt that the Hulk belongs in the second group; after all, we’ve established that he’s immune to bullets. He is also resilient to the internal conflicts that plague humans and often prove futile in their attempts to damage him.

 Power Hulk

The Hulk’s radioactive condition has caused him to undergo genetic mutations that have rendered him immune to typical illnesses. As a result, whereas other superheroes have met tragic deaths owing to diseases, the Hulk should not worry about such a fate. Because of his abilities, his system is now resistant to disease. He seems to be in good health and has  bright future of wreaking havoc.

5. He’s Fast And Furious

Hulk’s destructive abilities aren’t limited to the ground. The hulk’s legs are like extremely strong tree trunks, therefore it stands to reason that he can create an amazing level of speed with his raw power.

The hulk can certainly beat a racing car, but his legs will ultimately be too powerful for the earth to support his weight. If Hulk hits a particular speed, the earth would supposedly crumble under his feet. This explains why he values jumping above running so much.

6. Time Traveling

The Hulk is capable of time travel in addition to land and sea travel. Hulk formerly had full cognitive capacity as well as a tremendous physical stature. Hulk can’t be stopped by the limits of time.

The greenish hgiant’s intellect and guile earned it the name “The Professor.” Hulk finally gained the mental clarity to time travel at this point. During this time, Hulk also had a chance encounter with his older self.

7. Diffrent Hulk, Diffrent Powers

While Hulk and Bruce Banner lives in the same body, it doesn’t imply their minds are precisely the same. Hulk has his own mind and has called Bruce “puny Banner” on many instances, proving he can function irrespective of Bruce’s influence. Bruce’s Hulk avatar, however, tends to develop an existence of its own.

 Power Hulk

Hulk may even seize Bruce’s body in its different incarnations. Hulk’s strength shifts between personas. There’s a crafty grey hulk named Mr. Fixit, a more enlightened hulk known as The Professor, and a frightening green monster known only as the Devil Hulk. These manifestations of the Hulk’s character only increase his threat to humankind.

8. Can Cross Continents In a Single Jump

The Hulk’s enhanced muscularity allows him to do feats that most people can only imagine. The Hulk is able to utilise his powerful leg strength to effortlessly leap great distances in a single bound. The Hulk, on the other hand, is capable of crossing seas and landing on distant countries when he puts in sufficient effort, and has even jumped into Upper orbit.

There are no luggage charges or delays, but touchdown is always a concern. The Hulk’s enormous strength and weight mean that when he lands from an especially high leap, he often causes tremors, aftershocks, and even massive landslides.

9. There’s No End To Hulk’s Power!! Literally!! 

Whenever Bruce Banner experiences overwhelming mental or emotional strain, he morphs into the Hulk. In other words, the strength of Hulk’s emotions determines the extent to which he may unleash his rage.

Because the Hulk’s strength is proportional to Bruce’s degree of mental anguish, he may be as powerful as Bruce allows. It was never said that Bruce couldn’t get any more angry than he currently is. Nevertheless, Bruce has the ability to channel his wrath into a state where the Hulk’s strength is almost infinite.

10. Immune To Nuclear Blasts

Nuclear weapons are among the deadliest weaponry ever invented by humanity. Despite their tremendous power, none of these weapons were able to damage the Hulk. Hulk has been exposed to so much radiation that nuclear blasts hardly phase him.

 Power Hulk

The monster is the only one capable of  destroying every single one of such weapons, making his best frends with Nick Fury. As expected, he proved successful, demonstrating that not even humanity’s mightiest arsenal is a challenge for the green giant.

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