10 Powers You Never Knew Spider-Man Had

Spider-Man has been one of Marvel’s most popular heroes since 1962. Even Stan Lee has admitted that Spidey is his favorite superhero! Maybe his imperfections,

By Kunal Sharma
December 29,2021
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Spider-Man has been one of Marvel’s most popular heroes since 1962. Even Stan Lee has admitted that Spidey is his favorite superhero! Maybe his imperfections, not his skills, make him so beloved. After all, his simpleton character makes him relatable.

Peter Parker as Spiderman has certain caveats. His sense of responsibility has been exploited by villains such as Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin, and Sandman.

Luckily, Spider-Man has a variety of special powers to aid him in his quest for justice. While neither a god-like Thor nor an indestructible anger monster like the Hulk, he is more powerful than the fans realize –



The origin story of Spider-Man is well-known. Although the scene and circumstances have varied from time to time, the story’s central plot is that Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider, which transfers its powers to him.

That radiation is more than just a vessel for Spider-Man’s incredible abilities. It also provides Peter with tolerance to all types of radiation. 


Spidey Sense
Spidey Sense

Spider-Man has always had the benefit of foresight. His Spider-Sense has saved him many times. He may resemble Medusa in comic books, but Spider-Sense is one of the best skills a superhero can have. He’s dodged fists and gunfire and been warned of danger even when he couldn’t see it.

In “Scarlet Spider” #5, Peter’s clone Kaine has a stronger Spider-Sense. He can see into the future as he sees visions of events to come.


When most superheroes gain their powers, they develop a very rapid metabolism, and Spider-Man is no exception. This was especially true when he initially gained his talents since he had to increase his food to keep up with his voracious appetite.

Aside from the occasion, Spider-Man became intoxicated in “Web of Spider-Man” #38, his rapid metabolism helps him burn off poisons and toxins so they don’t harm him.


Intellectual Powers
Intellectual Powers

With great power comes great responsibility, but not often great intellect. Fortunately for Petey, he was already a science genius, before that radioactive spider bit him. Reed Richards and Hank Pym also have admitted that Peter is nearly as intelligent as they are.


Super Speed
Super Speed

Spider-Man is supposed to be agile and acrobatic, just like a spider. Spider-Man’s speed is an often-overlooked superpower. He’s been known to swing for two miles in five seconds from building to building.

At such speed, Spidey is propelled through the air by more than just webbing. His quickness has helped him avoid strikes and even gunfire.


Ability to grow limbs
Ability to grow limbs

Spider-Man is usually depicted as a friendly neighborhood humanoid with two arms and two legs. But as we all know spider has eight appendages. In 1971’s “The Six Arms Saga”, Peter is fed up with his spider side and wants nothing more than to be a regular dude. He concocts an untested formula to get rid of his powers. But instead he got six arms. Luckily, Dr. Curt Connors helps him with an antidote.


The Natural gift of power - Organic webs
The Natural gift of power – Organic webs

 For decades, Peter Parker utilized his homemade web-shooters, which included synthetic webbing he developed. His web-shooters enabled him to move through New York City and restrain enemies.

But This issue is resolved for Peter in the “The Spectacular Spider-Man: Disassembled” storyline when he is bitten by the Queen.

Her bite causes him to undergo a huge transformation, making him more resembling a spider than ever before. He eventually develops spinnerets in his forearms that make organic webbing.


The Incredible ability to fly
The Incredible ability to fly

So Spider-Man can fly?

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko first created Spider-Man in 1962’s “Amazing Fantasy” #15 with webbed wings from his elbow to his waist. Spider-Man couldn’t fly.

He couldn’t fly through the clouds from the ground. But those wings let him fly through the air without his webbing. They came in useful when Doctor Octopus or Vulture knocked him off a building.


Camouflaging powers
Camouflaging powers

Miles Morales takes over as Spider-Man after the death of Peter Parker in “Ultimate Fallout” #4. He possesses abilities identical to Peter Parker’s, but he can do something the original Spider-Man couldn’t: he can camouflage.

Miles first discovers his ability to disguise himself as he flees during a disagreement between his father and uncle. He notices that half of him has vanished into the structure behind him.


Cosmic Energy Spiderman
Cosmic Energy Spiderman

Being Spider-Man puts him in a different league, but becoming Captain Universe elevates his abilities to a whole new level.

Spider-Man becomes cosmic in “Spectacular Spider-Man” #158. With his Uni-Power, Peter can overcome baddies who aren’t his normal foes. He has powers like energy dischargement and radiation which is made possible by the Uni-Power.

He has god-like strength and invulnerability, and he can fire energy beams, powerful enough to kill planets.