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10 Worst Things Kang The Conqueror Has Ever Done

By Rishabh Shandilya
August 27,2022

Kang the Conqueror, a legendary villain, has been revealed as the main enemy of Marvel’s fourth through sixth story arcs. Kevin Feige has dubbed the next set of phases the Multiverse Story, and he has also revealed that the sought-after antagonist would be at the core of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

A form of the Conqueror first appeared in the penultimate episode of Loki: He Who Remains, giving viewers a taste of the supervillain’s maniacal capabilities. Even though he will soon be seen for a second time in the MCU in the much-anticipated Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania, most casual Marvel fans still don’t know much about Kang’s talents.

Kang The Conqueror

Kang The Conqueror in the Loki series

The time-traveling monster has performed horrific atrocities during his reign putting even Green Goblin to shame.

Here’s the rundown of the worst things Kang has ever done.

1. Tried To Kill Newborn Avengers

Once, Vision attempted to permanently eliminate Kang, however in doing so he triggered a conundrum that ultimately brought the Avengers more trouble than the villain ever had. The paradox’s surviving incarnations of Kang joined forces, then used their time travel powers to track down the newborn incarnations of the Avengers and kill them.

Kang The Conqueror

Kang, Falcon, and Captain America

Strangely, a new incarnation of Kang, who trapped the majority of the superheroes in time, foiled these Kangs’s plans. Yes, the young Avengers were saved in the end, and it was primarily Vision’s mistake that anything bad ever happened to them. The fact that the villain’s variants publicly discussed killing a large number of newborns just for revenge demonstrates how low this man can get and how quickly he may screw up anyone’s livelihood if he truly wishes to.

2. He Turned DC Into Dust

At one point, Kang as well as his offspring Marcus planned to conquer Earth and decided they needed reinforcements. He enlisted several villains to help him capture Earth by promising them a share of his future dominion. The Superheroes were psychologically and bodily drained by the onslaught of baddies, giving Kang free reign over Earth’s defenses.

Kang The Conqueror

Kang destroying Washington DC

Then, Kang utilized that ability to wipe out the whole city of Washington, D.C., murdering millions of people in the process. Even if Kang is ultimately vanquished, his activities will have a lasting influence on many individuals and their communities. It isn’t quite the body count of an Infinity War-level catastrophe, but then again, those folks did make a comeback. No amount of time travel by the evil Kang will bring these individuals back from the grave.

3. Convinced Doom To Do What He Does Best

Characteristically of Marvel villains, Kang the Conqueror is a selfish psychopath who doesn’t care about anybody, not even his closest allies. In the fiction, Doctor Doom encountered a heroic self-replicate who helped civilization and was universally admired. Doom had an identity crisis because of this, during which he pondered taking on the role of a savior and challenged his own morals.

Even though Kang isn’t a trained psychiatrist, he was able to convince Doctor Doom to stop trying to be kind. Employing his dreaded weaponry, the supreme nullifier, a furious Doom slaughtered the Conqueror and destroyed the whole parallel reality of good guy doom. A potential trillion lives may have been spared had the renowned time-traveling villain not intervened and prevented us from seeing a good man Doom.

4. Killed The Love of His Life

Immortus murdered not just the residents of Chronopolis, but also the lady he adored, all because he was weary. This is the infamous Ravonna Renslayer. The timing couldn’t have been worse for Ravonna, who was trapped within the Chronopolis when the villain lost his mind from idleness.

Therefore, she was trapped in the chaos of the disaster. Kang can accomplish whatever he wishes, so this only proves that everything else is pointless anyhow. Interestingly, he used to have a lot of difficulties in the past attempting to court and captivate Ravonna; he even had to mislead her and conquer her realm to acquire her, just to vaporize her and Chronopolis in the process

5. Conquerer of Worlds

Kang earned his position as a tyrant by carrying out what he does best: attacking and subjugating other planets. A descendant of Reed Richards as well as Doctor Doom, Nathaniel Richards was birthed in the 30th century. He discovered Doom’s time capsule and utilized it to its full potential, wreaking mayhem on universes far and wide.

Kang The Conqueror

Kang The Conqueror

As his domain stretched throughout the cosmos far beyond the bounds of time and space, the time-traveling tyrant fought across multiple realities in various realms. There’s no denying that in his goal to capture a thousand realms across universes, he had to sacrifice some innocent people. We can only speculate, but our best guess is that the figure is in the trillions.

6. Slayed His Own Blood

Kang’s lack of gratitude for his loved ones started long before he was transformed into an Immortal, turned complacent, and murdered his own kingdom and girlfriend. During the time of one of his greatest accomplishments—the assault on Washington, DC—he also had a child. Marcus, better known as the Scarlet Centurion, As a kid, aided his daddy in his conquest of the world.

Kang The Conqueror

Kang, and his Son Scarlet Centurion

But Marcus fell a bit too hard for Carol Danvers, and the Superheroes were able to use that to their advantage in their fight against Kang. Even after he had reduced Washington, D.C. to dust, Kang’s reign over Planet was brief. Meanwhile, Marcus was given more than a swat on the bottom by his dad and ultimately put to death for his role in their loss.

7. Murdered His Own Kind

The notorious time traveler villain is well-known for his knowledge of historical events, and those events reveal that Twigs in a group cannot be snapped. The Conquerors from all the many histories eventually agreed to work collectively, thus giving birth to the council of Kangs.

Kang The Conqueror

Council of Kangs

This madman has tried to murder infants, as well as slain his girlfriend and his kid. Not content, he went on to eliminate parallel realities inhabited by himself. Because he was so determined to show that he was the first and greatest, Kang of the prime reality killed nearly all other versions of himself.

8. Have No Regards for Timelines

Simply using time travel to obtain tactical benefits is among Kang’s most harmful actions. He regularly skips through several times in order to eliminate obstacles on his path to Immortus by altering or eliminating certain occurrences.

He even attempted to alter history while battling Ultron on one of his time-traveling adventures. Even after failing more than twenty times, he kept trying to destroy Ultron, leading the realities to collide and become irreparably damaged.

9. Made a Father Kill His Own Son

Black Bolt and Medusa’s blood Ahura was taken in by Kang the Conqueror following the annihilation of Attilan, but Black Bolt formed a private agreement with the time-traveling maniac to let him retain Ahura in order to safeguard him from the impending Final Invasion. Kang agreed, but he claimed ownership of Ahura in perpetuity.

Kang The Conqueror

Black Bolt, and his son

Black Bolt, and his squad eventually located the villain following Secret Wars with the intention of reclaiming Ahura. Black Bolt and his squad battled valiantly and eventually defeated Kang, only to learn that their foe was really an elderly Ahura. Ahura had to die, and Black Bolt with his comrades had no choice. This prompted Black Bolt to go on a quest through time to protect his child from the same tragedy.

10. He Can But He’ll Not!!

As an immortal, Kang the Great had immense resources at his fingertips. Not only does Kang the Conqueror have time-traveling gear, but he also possesses knowledge the ancients could only dream of. The fact that Kang chose to use his immense strength for conquest and destruction is all the more abhorrent in light of this.

Kang The Conqueror

Kang The Conqueror

Numerous superheroes of the Marvel Universe have seen disasters that resulted in the deaths of innumerable people, and Kang has demonstrated that he doesn’t worry too much about tampering with the realities. He has the ability to aid those in the past, but he decides against doing so.

Really!! what a Prick!!

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