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23 Sith Ranked From The Weakest To The Most Powerful

Before there was the MCU, there was Star Wars with its story of good vs evil as well as the continuous fight between using power for good and abusing power for your own gain. Star Wars puts its viewers right in the middle part of the fight between the Sith and the Jedi. Obviously, this fight has been going on for thousands of years, before even the very first Star Wars movie. So before we explore the 25 most powerful Sith, it’s time to know a little more about these wielders of darkness. 

Who Are The Sith? Let’s Take A Short Dive Into Their History

The Sith got created when a force user realized that to achieve full power it’s important for a Jedi to focus fully on the darkened side. That Jedi tried to share and spread his knowledge and expertise with the High Council, but was cast out and ignored out of Jedi ranks. So with no place to call home, the seduction and mystery of the evil side called to him even stronger and he surrendered to it. 

23 Sith Ranked From The Weakest To The Most Powerful

Once the era of darkness known as the Hundred-Years Darkness ended, the size of the Sith spread all over the galaxy till they got annihilated during the Naboo invasion. I mean, this was just what the Jedi thought back then.

But they did survive and would return during the famed Clone Wars. We all know that the Sith who came back would go on to become more and more powerful as time went on. 

That’s enough history lesson for you. It’s now time to look at the 23 best Sith. So we will be ranking them from the weakest to the most powerful ones. 

23. Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren

Putting Kylo Ren on 25 as the weakest Sith will surely anger some of his fans but he is on the last number because he has good in him. His struggle with the dark and light forces prevents him from becoming a strong Sith Lord. 

The son of Princess Leia and Han Solo had the ability to at least become as powerful as his uncle Luke Skywalker. After all, he had to just harness his powers properly and know how to control his own emotions. But ultimately he chose the light at the end and shed his Sith powers. However, the tantalizing prospect of what could have been keeping him rooted in this list even though he could be considered a converted Jedi. 

22. Darth Malak

Darth Malak

During the Mandalorian battles, Darth Malak proved to be an instrumental force. After all, he was the one who did give the Galactic Republic their victory with Darth Revan, his friend. These two Siths were actually on their way to becoming powerful Jedi’s. But they got seduced by the darkness and ended up believing that choosing the darkness was the right thing to do. 

Malak chased fiercely after the Star Forge once he got his order right from that time’s Sith Emperor. He was going to get the Forge so that it could be used to put an end to the Jedi. Now, during this time he came with Darth Revan and a brand new and powerful Sith Empire. All he wanted was the end of the Jedi. 

21. Darth Talon

Darth Talon

Once Darth Krayt made the true One Sith, gradually he then began making his Force. In his Force, one of the strongest and most powerful members was actually a female called Darth Talon. She was a Lethan Twi’lek and the tattoos on her body were given from Krayt once a battle ended. 

It was her unflinching loyalty to Krayt that made her his right hand. So she was of course named as the Hand and then she started her main missions to successfully capture the Jedi. Obviously, other Sith did attempt to become the true leader of One Sith but since Talon stuck by Krayt’s side so he could defeat everyone who wanted his place. 


20. Darth Tyranus

Darth Tyranus

Count Dooku was a Jedi who was trained by Yoda but he left the oder because of his political ideals. Actually, he was really confused about his wants but felt like he should be returning home and starting over fully without getting involved with Jedi. After that, he promised that he would be loyal to the infamous Darth Sidious. After that, Sidious started training him as his own secret apprentice and named him Darth Tyranus. 

Tyranus helped during the famed Clone Wars. In fact, he would have been a strong Sith Master but there was one issue- Anakin Skywalker. Anakin was being sought out by Sidious in the battle to defeat Tyranus so that he could become his apprentices. 

19. Darth Maul

Darth Maul

Darth Maul is simply one of the best creations by George Lucas. From the black and red face paint to the horns and more, it all made him stand out as unique. Not to mention the fact that he was a powerful and prominent lightsaber duelist as well. After all, this was the reason why he had a strong double-bladed lightsaber of his own too.


18. Darth Coguns

Darth Coguns

Her story went something like this- Darth Cognus or as she was known- The Huntress, was told by Ambria’s Princess Sera to bring Darth Bane to her. The Huntress did find a way at the end to control him by using the senflax poison. With this, she could fulfil her promise and take Bane back to Doan’s Stone Prison. 

But during this time, The Huntress began to get pulled towards evil. So she let Dart Bane escape. However, there was a condition- he had to make her his own apprentice.  However once they came to Ambria, he got challenged by Darth Zannah to the position of a Sith Master. Cognus said that she would be loyal to whoever won the battle and this was Darth Zannah. 


17. Naga Sadow

Naga Sadow

If you wanted to be a Sith then a great time to be one was during the historic Hyperspace Wars. During these wars, Naga Sadow was the leader who led the powerful Sith Empire right into the battle against the Galactic Republic. After all, the aim was full world domination.

Sadow was a strong Sith Magician so he used his powers to almost defeat the entire Galactic Republic while winning up the Great Hyperspace War. But he ultimately couldn’t. His end proved to be his apprentice called Gav Daragon. It was Daragon who stopped his meditation while the war was going on. 

This break in concentration turned the tide for the losing Republic. However, he was able to escape with his life and stayed in full isolation for multiple years before getting destroyed by Freedon Nadd. 


16. Darth Gean

Darth Gean

Darth Gean was a woman who was of Twi’lek origin. She was Darth Gravid’s Sith apprentice and was Force-sensitive. This allowed her to rise through the ranks of the Sith Order. However, this rise came at a heavy price. 

Her master, Gravid was confused about the Force and how it acts. So he had begun destroying Sith teachings and artifacts by creating a strong Force shield all around the fortress. It was only Gean who could go through that shield and stand up to Gravid while protecting the Sith tomes and doctrines. In the ensuing battle, she lost her arm and other body parts too.

15. Darth Zannah

Darth Zannah

When Darth Zannah was a child, she could control and manipulate the Force so well that the Jedi took her in their Army of Light. This army was used when the Ruusan Campaign was going on in the ferocious Sith Wars. 

During that time Jedi thought that she had died in battle. However, she was in fact brought to safety by Laa, her best friend. But after some time, some Jedi scouts killed Laa and this brought out the anger in Zannah. 

As for her power base- Darth Zannah has shown that she can use telekinesis and can wield Sith Magic as well. However, with telekinesis, she became a defensive fighter and so that power was also her weakness. 

14. Darth Traya

Darth Traya

Before she became a Sith Master, Traya was known as a Jedi Master as well as a historian. She was actually the teacher of Darth Revan. So when he went to fight off in the famed Mandalorian battles, a lot of her students also followed him. Now, this made the High Council exile her. Due to this she left off the Order and went off to find Revan. She did find him at the infamous Trayus Academy. Now, it was there that she turned fully to the darkness and began her rise as the Sith Master. However, she got overthrown and exiled by them too. 

As such she decided to wipe off both Jedi and Sith from the galaxy. She was so powerful that she was indeed able to singlehandedly defeat 3 Jedi Masters together on Dantooine. But her quest prevented her from seeing that her very own apprentice was planning on betraying her. So Traya was defeated on Malachor V. 

13. Darth Sion

Darth Sion

Darth Sion is known as Lord of Pain. He earned this name when he was fighting for the Sith Empire of Exar Kun in the well known Great Sith-War. There, instead of dying, he used his pain to get immortality. However, the price for this was that he had to endure the pain of feeling killed more than a million times. But this doesn’t mean that he died. 

In fact, he actually kept himself well alive to create the infamous Sith Triumvirate along with Darth Nihilus and Darth Traya. All of them dedicated their entire lives to ensuring that the powerful Sith Order got restored while they were trying to kill the Jedi. 

However, Sion eventually did die after he got defeated by Meetra Surik. So he had to give everything up and let go. 


12. Darth Malgus

Darth Malgus

Darth Malgus got sent right to the training ground called Sith Academy once he showed his full dark nature by killing off one servant of his adoptive father. In the academy, he trained to be a Sith Warrior as well as the Imperial Military’s commander. 

After this, he met and fell in love with a Twi’lek girl who was called Eleena Daru. She turned out to be the biggest weakness of his. This was because there was a moment when he had to kill her to keep his life and powers. That decision ate away at him and so he killed a lot of the politicians of the strong Empire. 

He justified this by saying that the politicians were the ones ensuring the survival of the Republic for years.  So instead of collapsing in pain, he harnessed it to grow more strong. 

11. Ulic Qel-Droma

Ulic Qel-Droma

There are not many people in Star Wars who can say that they were once a powerful Jedi Knight, a strong Dark Lord, and a warlord as well. But Ulic Qel-Droma was one of those few who could make such claims. 

He began his life as a powerful Jedi Knight just before he got poisoned by the Satal Keto who was a strong Krath warlord. As a Knight, he leads his team on missions to end the Krath but all the Jedi he was all travelling with got killed by Karth. After that, he decided that he would be going undercover before infiltrating the whole Krath so as to defeat them from inside. 

However, this was a really horrible move since he really became a Sith who would destroy his Jedi friends. 


10. Freedon Nadd

Freedon Nadd

Freedon Nadd became a Sith because when he was a Jedi he killed his master. After that he fled to the Sith Order and there he would be trained by Sith Lord called Naga Sadow. He was one of the strongest Jedi and so he was able to become really strong under him. 

Nadd would defeat him once he realized that he didn’t have any use of his master anymore and wanted to grow and develop his powers more. He was like a powerful sorcerer with so much power that the Sith wasn’t able to fully master. 

9. Darth Nihilus

Darth Nihilus

There has truly never been one human male who was simply able to survive a superweapon that was made to kill off whole planets including Darth Nikilus planet Malachor V. They made use of a powerful Mass Shadow Generator to kill everyone and everything who lived off on that planet. That is with the exception of Darth Nihilus.

His entire weapon survival was about his need and desire to fully reach out to the Force’s dark side. He actually craved desperately the Force energy and never found himself fully satisfied. So he wanted more and more power. However, his weakness was the cause of his downfall. It was Darth Nihilus who needed the Force energy fully to grow up his strength. 

Know that without that he would actually grow weak over time and got defeated. As a result, he was indeed able to harness fully that power by simply finding out the planets pretty much over the entire Galaxy which were totally full of Force. Due to this, he was able to probably cleanse off full planets and also fed his Force as his power was growing. 

He would have been defeated while battling off Marr, Surik, and the Canderous Ordo. Know that Surik’s power to feed and wield the Force was really way more stronger than even his desire. 


8. Darth Bane

Darth Bane

Know that over a full thousand years and even more, before there were the Clone Wars, there was a battle going on between evil and good. It was waged obviously between the Sith and Jedi. Now, this was truly the Jedi-Sith battle where just one Sith survived and his name was Darth Bane. 

He was the one who single-handedly builds up the whole Sith once the massacre ended. Know that he did this with the full understanding that all of them had to eventually stop fighting with each other or the result will be that the Jedi would defeat them fully with ease. 

Darth Bane

When he was getting reformed as the Sith, he would come up with Rule-of-Two that stated there could only be just one powerful Sith Master who would have his apprentice. Now know that the Jedi truly believed that they all had indeed wiped out the Sith when the battle was ongoing. However, Darth Bane did survive and so he was successful in secretly building them all back up again. 

As we know now this Rule-of-Two was important in the Sith Empire Reformation. This was made clear to all in the galaxy when the Clone Wars were going on and Darth Sidious was fully in charge.


7. Darth Vader

Darth Vader

Putting Darth Vader on number 7 will anger a lot of his fans. After all, he was in the initial films and he was also mentioned fully during the recent movies as well. 

Though, he had raw potential but he was well stacked as well. His potential exceeded any other Sith. However, he wasn’t able to fully harness his potential. This was because he had let his heart prevent him from fully becoming a Sith Master. 

6. Darth Revan

Darth Revan

If you loved playing Star Wars: Knights of Old Republic then you must know that Darth Revan is worthy of appearing on this list. Revan was actually brought into Jedi Order as a baby where he became a promising student of theirs. 

This was because he really had a good thirst for power and knowledge. So he tried to learn just how much he could through his whole training. After that, he had become a powerful Jedi Knight with his friend called Malak, and he led Jedi to a strong victory in the Mandalorian war. 

But during the victory in the Mandalorian wars, Malak and Revan got seduced by Vitiate, the Sith Emperor. After that, he became a Sith member. 

5. Darth Plagueis

Darth Plagueis

Darth Plagueis was the one who was responsible for making Darth Sidious and it was Sidious himself who betrayed him by killing him in his dreams. It was his death that was important to Sith since it sparked off the whole 9 sagas of Star Wars movie. 

Plagueis was known for being able to control the midi-chlorians for making life as well as protecting anyone who he chose right from their demise. This power was just so strong that it made him into one paranoid and mad Sith Master who knew that the Force was going to get revenge against him. 

4. Marka Ragnos

Marka Ragnos

If you want to become a Sith then you will have to prove that you are a worthy candidate of the Force’s dark side. This proving means that you must be willing to defeat all enemies while building up a large army made up of strong soldiers so that he could cleanse up the planets which were a threat to the Sith leader. 

All of this was fulfilled by Marka Ragnos. During the golden age of Sith, he was their leader. He was also the one who grew the Sith army by showing off his power and force. Know that he was actually proficient in Sith Magic too. Now, this wasn’t something that was used by Sith. So he defeated his enemies with a fully customized Sith-Sword and not any lightsaber. 

He was able to become a powerful dueler since he used his dark power to squarely keep himself awake and alive during the battles. He did this by basically making himself immortal.

3. Exar Kun

Exar Kun

It is a common trait that some of the most powerful Sith actually were Jedi once. But they got seduced by the darkness, and grew stronger than all of them ever could have become as members of the Jedi Order. Exar Kun also was a Jedi who let himself be seduced by the darkness and abused his abilities to become a part of the Sith. 

It was his own curiosity that made him go to the Onderon planet. There he discovered the resting place of a previous Sith Lord called Freedon Nadd. When he discovered this he unlocked Nadd’s soul who was actually planning on making use of Kun to keep themselves alive again. However as Kun fully understood and accepted the Force’s dark side, his powers grew a lot. 

Once he was able to defeat Nadd, he began looking at other powerful Siths who he could destroy. In fact, he was just so corrupted by the entire dark side that he even wiped off his own men in the quest to ensure that he was the powerful one in the entire Galaxy. 

2. Darth Vitiate

Darth Vitiate

Of all the Sith members, no one ruled longer than Darth Vitiate as the Sith Lord. He was able to rule for 1,500 years and this was possible due to his knowledge of the Force’s dark side.

Know that when he was just 10-years old, Vitiate was the one who was travelling from one planet to the other, wiping out civilizations over the night. Hell, he didn’t even spare his very own father called Lord Dramath once he got confronted about the destruction. 

So since Vitiate was a child when he started mastering his abilities, Vitiate was indeed able to fully absorb the powers of the Sith Lords that he killed during his reign as leader. 

In fact, he emerged so powerful and strong that he was indeed able to become the one Sith Lord who could figure out how to be immortal. While he perished, but it certainly wasn’t for long. 


1. Darth Sidious

Darth Sidious

The difference between The Sith and the Jedi are many, but one of them is how an apprentice gets trained. Sith don’t have an openly declared Padawan that they train. Instead, they have always trained their apprentices in secret and Darth Sidious was one of them. 

He was the apprentice of Darth Plagueis but he portrayed himself as one honest public-servant who was called Sheev Palpatine. Under that name, he worked his way fully up to the political ladder. Along with this, he became the full Emperor of the entire Galactic Empire. Know that this gave him full control all over the entire Republic while he was ruling the Sith secretly. 

Sidious could see the future and could use Force lightning as well. He mastered a whole range of talents secretly at such a time when it was thought that the Sith got wiped out forever. While no one is quite sure just how strong Sidious was, but the fact is that he was the Galactic Republic’s Emperor as well makes him deserving of the first spot. 

Obviously, your rankings may vary. So tell us who do you think are the top 25 Sith of all time? 

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