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5 Reasons Why Grogu Will Choose To Be A Jedi

By Ishita Chatterjee
February 4,2022

Episode 6 of The Book of Boba Fett saw Luke Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and Grogu’s return. But upon returning, Luke Skywalker asked Grogu to make a life-changing decision- to choose between being a Jedi and a Mandalorian.

It’s assumed that in the next episode he will choose a path. Now, Grogu can choose any of the two. But many fans think that being a Jedi is his calling. And here’s why:

His Status As A Survivor

3 Jedis saving Grogu during Order 66

3 Jedis saving Grogu during Order 66

In the flashback sequence, we saw that Grogu was a survivor of Order 66 and the last of the Jedi students in the Prequel Trilogy. Since he possibly has the teachings of the original Jedi order, so he is already advantaged in the Jedi way.

Luke said that Grogu was starting to remember things. So maybe he already knows more than the basics. We will probably get to know more in the next episode. But it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that he will still have some of the training he learned years ago.

His Long Lifespan

Ashoka And Grogu

Ahsoka And Grogu

In episode 6, Luke said that a short time for Grogu is a lifetime for others. As a Jedi, he will continue learning about the Force and also carry on the legacy long after characters like Ahsoka and Luke have left.

If he chooses to be a Mandalorian, he will be part of a dwindling clan. Canonically, we are told that Grogu is 50 years old and yet is a toddler. He might not even reach maturity for another century or so. With this long lifespan, he could become a Jedi Master over time.

His Heightened Force Sensitivity

Grogu uses force choke

Grogu uses force choke

The Mandalorian already showed that Grogu was gifted with the Force. So even with gaps in his formal training, the little thing could help wounds, Force-Choke, levitate and create energy barriers.

So he is clearly gifted. If Grogu is Luke’s first student, then it will affect the future of the galaxy.

His Potential

Grogu can become a great Jedi master

Grogu can become a great Jedi master

We know that Grogu can levitate and such, but we don’t know how far his powers will go. He might not be as powerful as Palpatine, but he’s certainly strong.

For now, we know Grogu can use Force Lightning and might not even know that. So if he chooses to be a Jedi, then he will be about to explore these powers. Right now, it’s hard to tell what his potential powers will be.

His Ties To Jedi Master Yoda

master yoda

master yoda

Grogu and Yoda belong to the same species. It’s easy to infer that. Now, this doesn’t indicate that he will be a replacement for the iconic Jedi. But it would certainly make sense if little Grogu chooses to follow in the mighty Yoda’s footsteps.

But with that being said, we still don’t know what exactly Grogu is. He could be a clone, one of the same species, or even a direct descendant. But the ties to Yoda are there.

To find out what path Grogu will choose, tune in to the finale of The Book of Boba Fett, February 9th, Wednesday on Disney+.

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