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She-Hulk Battle: 5 Villains We Would Love To Watch Her Fight Against

By Mabel Judith Andrady
September 10,2022

For most of her legendary career, Jennifer Walters has been integral to Marvel’s superhero teams. Tatiana Maslany’s portrayal of Jennifer Walters in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law makes her the newest MCU heroine to be seen by audiences. The legendary comic book heroine is as at home in the courtroom as she is in the field of iconic heroism.

Given her unusual status among Marvel’s other superheroes, Jennifer Walters may prosecute the franchise’s most notorious criminals. After seeing four episodes of She-Hulk on Disney+, fans may think about which Marvel Cinematic Universe supervillains they would want to see the superhuman lawyer go after.

#5 Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth Olsen, had a complete about-face in Doctor Strange 2, completely embracing her position as the Scarlet Witch. Physically, She-Hulk is certainly up there with the best of the superheroes, but the Scarlet Witch would have the upper hand here because to her magic skills.

She Hulk and Scarlet Witch

She-Hulk and Scarlet Witch

Although Scarlet and She-Hulk have very different fighting techniques, a battle between them would be fascinating to watch because of their contrasting abilities. With her ability to battle from a distance and her spells, Scarlet would have the upper hand against She-Hulk.

Scarlet may be distracted by She-Hulk’s long-range attacks because of her ability to hurl objects great distances and generate airwaves with the clap of her hands. If She-Hulk utilized her wits and powers well, this battle would go down to the wire.

#4 Thanos

She-Hulk is a powerful being, whether in her normal or feral form; nonetheless, I doubt she could defeat Thanos, owing to the latter’s superior intelligence, power, and ruthlessness in combat.

With her intelligence and brute strength, many villains would be no match for She-Hulk, but Thanos isn’t your run-of-the-mill bad guy. Despite Jen’s experience facing up against gods, monsters, and other formidable kinds, as she did in the comics, she still can’t hold her own against this cosmic baddie.



She-Hulk lacks the luxury of leisure that Thanos has in spades. It’s time for preparations. It’s time to do some soul searching. In addition, spacetime is not the same as Earthtime. Therefore, he has time to plan and arrange for years, whereas She-Hulk is always on the go and balancing her day job as a lawyer.

#3 Kang The Conqueror

Reprising his role as Kang the Conqueror, Jonathan Majors is the next Big Bad of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kang is being positioned as the mastermind behind the Multiverse Saga. Majors is about to create history in the MCU with his one-of-a-kind villain, Kang, who will appear in many projects.

Kang The Conqueror


Even though Kang is unlikely to ever give in to a court of law, it would be quite a sight to see the haughty showman take the stand. Although Jennifer Walters is unlikely to ever receive her day in court with Kang, she may get to face him in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

#2 Abomination

Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth), better known by his villainous Abomination moniker, has already appeared in She-Hulk. Initially introduced in The Incredible Hulk, the villain served as Bruce Banner’s archenemy and ultimately spent almost a decade behind bars.

Even though She-Hulk has been put to the test to defend Blonsky in court, viewers will likely cheer at the opportunity to watch the heroic attorney pursue the Abomination. Without skipping a beat, Jennifer would tear her cousin’s nemesis into legal matters, ensuring that the supervillain spent as much time in prison as possible.

#1 Titania

In the premiere of She-Hulk, Jameela Jamil joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe cast as Titania. The villain of the new Marvel Disney+ series, this person will wreak havoc on Jennifer Walters’ life during the first season.

Titania in She-Hulk episode 1

Titania in She-Hulk episode 1

When the inevitable showdown between Titania and She-Hulk occurs, it would be interesting, if not a conflict of interest, to witness Jennifer Walters triumph over her sworn nemesis for the second time in a court of law.

Without a question, She-Hulk is one of the mightiest Ms Marvel has to offer. While the show has succeeded so far in finding the sweet spot between endearing and badass in its portrayal of She-Hulk in the MCU, much more work has to be done to bring She-Hulk’s characters to life.

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