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5 Ways Hulk Can Be Killed In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

By Sumit Sahu
September 7,2022

Hulk is one of the most powerful characters in entire MCU. And time over time we have seen it until, Marvel decided to make a fool out of his character in the movies and now in She-Hulk’s series as well.

Considering the comics and MCU altogether, we know Hulk can smash the hell out of the strongest enemies. He is an Avenger full of rage who fights stronger when angry. So, is there any way he could be killed in the MCU?

Well, there is a theory with some options that might be lethal for Hulk. Marvel has been smart so far to have not introduced such measures in the storyline, because it will then be a loophole for the character’s potential.

Here are theories on few ways on how Hulk can be killed in the MCU:

1. A Fight With Wolverine

Hulk vs. wolverine

Hulk vs. wolverine

Adamantium of X-Men universe is much stronger than Vibranium of MCU timeline. As vibranium is much of a durable material, adamantium is dense in nature. So, with right arrangements, adamantium can cut through even purest form of vibranium.

Wolverine possesses pure adamantium blades which can tear Captain America’s shield, Black Panther’s suit and everything else that is made up of vibranium. Hulk has a super strong body with gamma-radiated muscles which doesn’t take any hit even by missiles.

A fight with wolverine can make Hulk’s durability get compromised. In theories, adamantium can pierce Hulk’s muscles at ease. As Wolverine has healing capabilities, Hulk cannot do much to kill him. Apart from that, Wolverine is more agile and flexible to come around for Hulk from behind and slit his throat to kill him.

The fight will not be easy for Wolverine as well. Hulk is a rage monster and he will keep smashing Wolverine’s head, even if he heals for the millionth time. But, it is a possibility that might kill Hulk.

2. Overdosing On Super Soldier Serum

Super Soldier Serum

Super Soldier Serum

Bruce Banner turned into the Hulk, when he experimented the faulty super soldier serum on himself. All of the Avengers’ chaos began with this serum, and this continued for ages even when Captain America was hibernating in ice. Bruce didn’t understand the serum’s chemical bondings and tested it on himself to be the monstrous Hulk.

One way of killing him is to overdose him with the same serum that will break his blood’s potential of synthesising gamma radiation. Once that synthesis is broken, the serum will stop the bodily functions of Bruce at once, and he might eventually die.

The villains who plot to kill Hulk might have to implement this action to Bruce Banner and not to hulk. It is because, no needle or syringe can pierce Hulk’s body, unless it is made up of adamantium or vibranium at least. It will be difficult to control Bruce from transforming when villains put him into such distress of infusing his blood with something.

But that is again the job for the masterminds. We are here to bring to you this evident way of killing Hulk.

3. Thor’s Stormbreaker

Stormbreaker killing Thanos

Stormbreaker killing Thanos

We saw how Thor used Mjolnir in first Avengers movie to contain Hulk’s chaos. He gave him a good fight which showed us why he is called a God. He can fight Hulk with bare hands, and we have seen him do the same in Thor: Ragnarok as well.

Thor’s Stormbreaker is a much powerful weapon than Mjolnir, and it pierced the body of Mad Titan. He almost killed Thanos with his new weapon. Thanos has a much stronger build than Hulk, definitely stronger than gamma radiated muscles. Stormbreaker can just pierce Hulk’s body like piece of cake.

As Stormbreaker has not been casted with any Odin spell, it can be used by anyone who is strong enough to wield it. So, if Hulk ever dies due to the Stormbreaker, it is not meant for only Thor to do it. Strong weapons in wrong hands have done catastrophic damages. And we have seen that time over time in MCU.

Thanos used stormbreaker against Thor! Thor’s body was about to be pierced with his own blade. And that shows how strong this King’s weapon is.

4. Using Infinity Stones

Snap by Hulk

Snap by Hulk

A snap handicapped Hulk for a long period of time, until he fixed himself using his cousin’s gamma synthesised blood in She-Hulk Episode 1. It was the collective damage incurred by him due to the use of all stones at once. But, even the use of single stone as a direct attack on Hulk can just kill him in an instant.

Thanos didn’t use the power stone on Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War. It is because he wanted to have his own fun. He wanted to show Loki and Thor that he is not just the stones, but can beat the one person they believe is strong, with bare hands. We already know that Thor is stronger than Hulk in all aspects and have better chances of surviving catastrophic events.

Power stone was about to crush the head of Thor. It was cracking open his veins from within. And imagine if Thanos would have used power stone right through Hulk’s mouth and blasted his body into little pieces all over Thor’s ship, Avengers would have lost the war right from the start. It is because, Bruce could have never informed Avengers about the crisis.

Hulk was lucky that Thanos didn’t had other stones that he would have enjoyed to practice using on him. Any stone can easily kill Hulk, if he comes in direct contact it. Thanos wasn’t in an intention to kill anyone on Earth, for which he just defended himself and knocked out all of the Avengers, and didn’t kill them. All he wanted was the stones to decide who is worthy to live or vanish.

5. Bruce Banner Himself

Bruce tried to kill himself

Bruce tried to kill himself

We all are now aware that Bruce has invented a device that can help him be in his human form even in stressful conditions. Earlier in the first Avengers movie, we heard Bruce saying that, he tried to commit suicide by firing a bullet down inside his mouth, but the other guy didn’t let him, and he spitted the bullet out.

But now, when Bruce is in control of when or how he can transform into Hulk, he can kill himself without worrying about transforming during the process. Dying in the human form will automatically neutralize his blood’s potential of synthesising gamma radiation. Hence, the hulk will die.

But after all that Bruce has done for the world and for himself, he might not want to get rid of Hulk but embrace and control him to do good.

These are the five possibilities that can kill Hulk. After researching on the certainty of these evil approaches, it is right to say that even the strongest of Avengers are vulnerable to death.

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