6 Questions Loki Episode 4 Asks About The Time-Keepers TVA And Renslayer
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6 Questions Loki Episode 4 Asks About The Time-Keepers TVA And Renslayer

By Ishita Chatterjee
July 2,2021

Loki is shaping up to be a great Marvel series. The latest episode brought about some major revelations and posed big questions about the timekeepers, the Loki variants in the timelines, and the TVA. At the end of episode 3 titled “Lamentis,” we saw Sylvie and Loki stranded without much help on a doomed moon. There seemed to be no hope of any escape. 

This is where episode 4 picks up:

What Revelations Were There In Episode 4? 

Loki Series


Episode 4 titled “The Nexus Event”, starts from the same place as the end of the last episode. The two variants witness the world collapsing all around them and contemplate their existence. Just as the duo are about to die, something happens. The two of them touch and in a moment of emotional intimacy, spark a powerful nexus. This attracts the attention of the TVA. 

The Loki variants are then captured and interrogated, which leads to a face-off with the Time-Keepers themselves. Mobius and Hunter B-15 discover that there were ordinary variants once as well. They also find out that Mobius was killed because Renslayer asked for it. 

If this bombshell wasn’t enough. In a final twist, it’s said that the Time-Keepers are just robots. It’s Renslayer who is the main mastermind of it all. Also, just when Loki is about to tell Sylvie his feelings, he gets pruned by Renslayer. Then in the post-credits scene, he wakes up in a mysterious place surrounded by other Lokis who look really odd. 

Phew! so episode 4 of Loki was a wild ride. Loki fell in love with an alternate universe of himself and it seemed like Mobius was going to die. Not to mention the fact that the Time-Keepers were just a ruse. So “The Nexus Event” will definitely have a lot of repercussions for the remaining show as well as the MCU as a whole. 

So let us take a look at the biggest questions posed by the episode: 

Who Actually Created The Time-Keepers/TVA?

Time Keepers

Right now, we know that the Time-Keepers are entirely fake and the TVA agents are brainwashed variants. As such, it’s easy to conclude that the multiverse story Miss Minutes told the God of Mischief has flaws and could very well be false. So the truth is uncertain for now. 

Actually, there’s a chance that whatever we know till now is wrong. So now there’s the question of- who actually created the TVA? And- Why were they created? 

At the end of the current episode, Renslayer is set up to be the secret villain of the show. After all, her knowledge of the Time-Keepers being false and the TVA agents being just variants makes it seem like she had dubious origins right from the beginning. 

But it’s not a bulletproof theory. There are holes in it as well. First of all, in the childhood flashback scene of Sylvie we saw that Renslayer was once a common TVA hunter. It was later that she got promoted to being a judge. 

So until and unless her ruse is deep and complicated, it simply means that the TVA has been around for a long time, even before she even stepped inside it. 

What Does Renslayer Want?



By episode 4 we can at least be certain that Ravonna Renslayer isn’t who she claims to be. At the very least, her intentions and aims are different from what she made it out to be. After all, she wasn’t surprised when B-15 and Mobius discovered that the TVA agents were variants as well. 

Also, the revelation of the Time-Keepers being fake didn’t shake her. This means that she might have been running the whole agency by herself for quite some time. But- why? 

Fans are theorizing that it is Kang the Conqueror (a Marvel comics villain) who is pulling the real strings. This theory doesn’t come out of the blue. Actually, Kang and Renslayer are romantically involved in the comics. 

Also, both of them have plotted major schemes to rule over an empire through space and time. They have done it both separately and together. So the Sacred Timeline could just be a way to exert imperial control. 

As such, Renslayer might have been sent by Kang to the TVA to control it from within. But this theory doesn’t answer one question- what was the original purpose behind the creation of the TVA?   

Is Mobius Really Dead?

Loki And Mobius

Loki And Mobius

One of the shocking twists of episode 4 was that Mobius got pruned by a TVA operative after he discovered what his origins were. Renslayer declared that he was compromised by Loki and so he was given the execution call. But we have to ask- Is he actually dead? 

The answer seems to be yes. Viewers are not told what exactly happens to the variants who get pruned. But right now, it seems like they don’t get killed at all. However, this yes becomes fuzzier after taking into consideration the events that happened at the episode’s end. 

Loki Got Pruned…And Then Where Did He Go?

Loki Pruned

Mobius wasn’t the only one who got pruned. Loki suffered the same fate in this episode. But the post-credits scene revealed that the God of Mischief actually lived. In the scene, Loki woke up in a new place surrounded by multiple Loki variants. 

The variants tell him that they want to help, and then the scene goes dark. As such, the obvious question is- where is Loki and how did he even reach there? One possible answer is that the variants who get pruned don’t actually get murdered. Instead, they get disposed off to an alternate timeline. 

Who Are Those 4 Loki Variants?

Loki Variants

Loki Variants

When Loki wakes up after getting pruned, 4 Loki variants surround him. There’s an old Loki (played by Richard E. Grant) wearing what looks to be the character’s comic accurate clothing. Accompanying him is Jack Veal’s younger version of Loki. 

There’s even a Loki (portrayed by Deobia Oparei) who appears to be wielding a Mjolnir or rather a version of it. At the end, there’s another Loki who seems to be a crocodile. Episode 5 will obviously explain them more, but it’s clear that their presence is going to make the show way more fun. 

But people have some questions- are they from the previous old multiverse? Did they help save Loki from Renslayer? Does every MCU character have a crocodile version? We can’t wait to get answers to these questions. 

Loki And Sylvie Are The Key

Loki And Sylvie

Loki And Sylvie

For now, the TVA and Renslayer have been shown to be evil. So it’s pretty much clear that the show will end with an attack on the establishment. Also, we think that there will be attempts to restore the multiverse. 

Mobius has already informed Loki about the way to get that done. He has said that pure chaos will be unleashed if he and Sylvie get together. Mobius even said that this chaos could be strong enough to even tear the Sacred Timeline into pieces. 

Now, if that does happen, then it will directly lead to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We don’t want to dream much now, but it seems like this can help set up future MCU movies and characters like the X-Men and Fantastic Four too

However, for the Sacred Timeline to get blown into smithereens, Sylvie and Loki will have to find each other again. This task will be difficult since Renslayer is still alive. 

Right now, the potential of the show is immense and it’s tethering on the edge of greatness. It’s only left to be seen what kind of chaotic twists the show will bring into play in episode 5 as well as 6. You can catch up on Loki on Disney+

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