6 Sith In Star Wars Who Turned To The Light Side

The entirety of Star Wars as a movie universe is based on Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader’s rise and then fall. His turn to the feared Dark side was a nightmare-become-true for a lot to the Jedi Masters who fear that the same fate could befall their own apprentices. Now, this struggle of light-users, trying to overcome their temptations is something that has been portrayed a lot of times in various books, movies, and comics too. 

While this struggle makes any book worthwhile but the opposite is something that is quite relieving and reassuring to see as well. After all, dark-side users falling to the light-side restores a lot of our own faith in humanity. It reassures people that so-called bad people can indeed redeem themselves. 

So let us take a look at the most prominent dark-side force users who fell into the light:

6 Sith In Star Wars Who Turned To The Light Side

Kel’eth Ur (Legends)

Kel’eth Ur (Legends)

Kel’eth Ur was a Sith till he realized that the dark side was ruled by fear. He discovered this when he came to know about the peace philosophy of the Jedi. From then on he embraced the ways of the Jedi and imparted his knowledge and experience to others. However, his story doesn’t have a happy ending as the Emperor murdered him for heresy.  

Darth Sajar (Legends)

Darth Sajar (Legends)

Darth Sajar was a Dark Council member and a Sith Dark Lord. As such he was a powerful Force user. During the Sith Empire’s reign, he became a Sith Lord. However, he came into contact with Master Tol Braga, a pacifist who wanted peace and it was this Jedi Master who made him fall into the light. 

Tol Braga had always attempted to reconcile with the Sith during the Great Galactic War, in an effort to bring peace. Sajar took advantage of this and tried to lure Braga to the Dantooine planet to finish him off.

But the both of them ended up fighting for a period of 3 straight days, all the while constantly debating about the two sides-light and dark. The battle ended because Braga was successful in convincing Sajar of the merits of the light-side. So Sajar converted and became Braga’s padawan.  

Flint (Legends)


Fans will remember Flint as the sith lord trained by Darth Vader. Flint even considered Vader to be like a father to him. Now, readers will know that apart from the Darth Vader connection, Flint and the protagonist of the original Star Wars-Luke Skywalker shared quite similar backstories. 

Flint’s parents died as his father Jedi Knight Flint Torul got killed by General Grievous during the famous Clone Wars. 

But the death only served to encourage him to become a Jedi Knight. So when Luke visited Flint’s home planet, the blooming warrior was all ready to convince Luke to make him an apprentice. But Luke did reject him which devastated Flint. Now, this coupled with the grief of his mother dying made Flint bitter.  

Darth Vader

When Flint was at his lowest, Vader got a hold of him and trained him. So this was the beginning of his journey into the evil side. But after undergoing Sith training for years, Flint fell back into the light.

This happened because when Flint went to fight Luke and get his revenge, the result of the match was a stalemate. After this, Flint’s presumed-dead buddy came back and convinced Flint that his place was with the Jedi. 

This worked and Flint lived whatever was left of his life in peace on his own home-planet. But later on, he was murdered by Lumiya, his previous Sith Master.  

Darth Gravid (Legends)

Darth Gravid

Darth Gravid was never able to fully become a Sith internally and always faced an ongoing inner conflict. He was convinced that being totally devoted and loyal to the Sith ways would be his downfall. So he tried to integrate some aspects of the Jedi life into his ways- that of empathy and altruism. 

Overtime, Gravid became more and more devoted to annihilating the Sith. He believed that to protect the empire he would have to destroy all Sith holocrons, teachings, artifacts, and more. However, he still faced his inner struggles.

Yet he still believed that if he could destroy all things Sith then he could make his peers see the error of their ways. So he tried doing exactly that till Darth Gean, a former apprentice came to end him. They battled fiercely but Gravid ultimately got murdered.  

Darth Revan (Canon & Legends)

Darth Revan

Revan is considered to be a powerful Sith Lord/Jedi in Star Wars continuity. In fact, he is also a beloved character. Darth Revan came into Star Wars main canon through one short mention in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary by Pablo Hidalgo. But it must be said that his back story was already established firmly in Legends. 

Revan’s arc was pretty similar to that of Anakin Skywalker- as in both were in the Light, then went to the Dark Side, and then came back to the Light again. Revan was found in the territories of Outer Rim and became a padawan of Master Kreia. Since Revan loved learning so he became a talented Jedi student. Also, he became more powerful as he aged and even led multiple armies into war. 

The one fateful battle that began his journey into the darkness was named The Mandalorian battles. It was here that he became disillusioned with the powerful Jedi Order. So he went over to the Darkness where he ended Mandalore’s leader and ended the war. After that, with Darth Malak, Revan proceeded to go to the Outer Rims. There he met with Sith-Lord Vitiate who used mind control to make them his apprentices. 

Darth Revan

Over time the duo broke free and made their own Sith Empire and waged bloody battles on the powerful Jedi during Civil War. In fact, Revan almost won but Malak turned his back and almost killed him. However, he got saved due to a Jedi who brought him to the Jedi Council. There they wiped off his mind and trained him again as a powerful Jedi to bring down Sith. 

Revan did try to kill the emperor but he failed in his mission and was murdered. But his power and skill with the Force allowed him to carry out a full telepathic war on Sith for 300 years.  

Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker

How can we end this list without talking about Darth Vader himself. Anakin Skywalker was chosen because he was immensely powerful with The Force. He even fought during the Clone Wars where he showed great potential to be a great student. 

But he soon fell prey to Emperor Palpatine who named him Darth Vader before sending him to kill the Jedi and ensuring that Sith reigned over the entire Galaxy. But Vader still had the light within him and so when he was confronted by Luke, he left the Darkness and lived on like a Force Ghost. 

These are the 6 major Siths who turned their back on the Darkness and came to the light again. They show that there’s always hope that even evil people will choose the path of the light.

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