7 Greatest Deaths In The MCU So Far

These 7 greatest deaths in the MCU are undoubtedly one of the most heartbreaking moments.  Phase 4 of the MCU has already seen the deaths of several key characters. Others will have significant repercussions in future films and television shows. However, 7 of these deaths have had the most significant influence on the MCU’s overall storyline.

#7 Gamora

After Thanos’ snap, certain Avengers: Infinity War characters died and never made it back. Gamora was one among them. She was a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and a hero in her own right.
To gain the Soul Stone, Thanos knew he had to give up the life of the single person he cared about. Undoubtedly, Gamora was that person. One of the most heartbreaking tragedies in the MCU occurred when the Guardians learned of her passing, and Peter Quill couldn’t hold it together any longer.

#6 Ajak

Ajak’s death irrevocably altered the Eternals’ goal. On Earth for thousands of years, the Eternals used their influence on humans to prepare the Celestial Tiamut for its emergence.

Sersi, not Ikaris, would then be the Eternals’ future leader, thanks to Ajak’s foresight despite her death. The death of Ajak reunited the Eternals, who had been separated for ages. Because many Eternals worked together to destroy Tiamut, the Earth and its inhabitants were saved, thanks to Sersi’s leadership in their reunion.

#5 Groot

As a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy squad, Groot, a giant talking tree with a single word to express himself, immediately became a fan favorite because of his endearing and sometimes hilarious demeanor.

In GotG, Groot initially sacrificed himself to defend his new crew, and since then, fans have seen him die a few times.

#4 Gilgamesh

As an Eternal, Gilgamesh was one of the most likable. Eternals were heartbroken by his demise at the hands of Kro’s henchmen, the Deviant Kro. There were repercussions, and the Eternals were not invincible, despite their strength and long life span.

When Gilgamesh died, he advised Thena to keep his words in mind. In this context, it refers to protecting what you believe in.

#3 Black Widow

Black widow death

After Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton travel to Vormir, the first significant death occurs in the second half of the film. During the process of retrieving the Soul Stone, the two friends competed to see who would be the one to escape the cliff with the Stone and no one else.

Ultimately, the Black Widow was able to achieve her goal of finally clearing the red from her ledger as she offered her life for the betterment. While she may be not the most famous member of the Avengers, it’s important to remember that she was introduced early on and has been a constant member of the group ever since.

#2 Loki

At the beginning of Infinity War, we saw Thanos’ ruthlessness and unmatched strength in action when he vanquished the Hulk and stabbed Heimdall in the heart in a shocking opening sequence. Thor was forced to watch helplessly as everything unfolded around him, helpless since he couldn’t intervene. That wasn’t the end of the Mad Titan, however.

Loki ultimately identifies himself as Odinson and tries to fool Thanos into allowing him to strike. This is the gut-wrenching act that fully demonstrates why Thanos is the epitome of evil. Thanos, sadly, sees straight through him and ruthlessly snaps his neck by slowly raising him. End of everyone’s favorite villain, leaving the God of Thunder a shattered, crying wreck clutching his dead brother’s cold corpse.

#1 Iron Man

There may be a whole book dedicated to these 7 greatest deaths in the MCU. Specifically, Tony Stark’s death. The Iron Man series is currently the biggest earning in cinematic history, thanks to Iron Man. The death of Tony Stark at the end of Avengers: Endgame is the most heartbreaking in the MCU.

Furthermore, audiences saw that he had eventually attempted to move on and live a regular life, including his daughter and all the things he was sacrificing to make it happen. What made Tony Stark’s effect so clear was the footage of his burial, which showed every hero from the previous 22 films lamenting the death of the man who had influenced their heroic destinies. They were all transformed into Iron Man at that very instant.