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8 Unknown And Strange Facts About Abomination

By Rishabh Shandilya
August 26,2022

Because he may also be his own worst adversary, the Hulk has become one of Marvel’s biggest recognizable characters. Unlike other legends, he really poses a threat to the individuals he is sworn to protect. This means he is never fully committed to the Avengers team. Since he possesses boundless strength as well, his foes are inherently more challenging than he is.

It’s difficult to build big bads stronger than the Hulk but you gotta bend a few laws. As  Hulk’s most formidable foe, he kept his sanity despite his monstrous transformation. He fits his title and looks well. Even though he is among the most powerful Hulk adversaries, his colorful villainous resume is the result of his remarkable pranks.

With that being said, here are 8 facts I bet you didn’t know about Abomination.

1. The Duo Become Crewmates

After evading The Stranger’s clutches, Blonsky traveled across the universe, returned to Earth, and then returned to the cosmos a third time, ultimately abandoning his ship and drifting on an asteroid. Captain Cybor recruited him when the extraterrestrial Xeron the Starslayer saved him. With Cybor’s help, Blonsky was revealed to be a formidable member of the space crew, and he was soon promoted to the position of first mate.

The Hulk, and Abomination Become Crewmates

The Hulk, and Abomination

The Hulk was discovered by Cybor on one of their interstellar journeys, to Emil Blonsky’s chagrin, and Cybor enlisted him on the team. For this reason, the Hulk and the Abomination bonded as crewmates. Naturally, they battled and argued inside the spacecraft until it was demolished by a much more powerful extraterrestrial monster known only as Klaatu. After then, the Hulk and the Abomination returned to the planet like two distinct green meteorites.

2. His Wife Fell in Love With his Biggest Enemy

Nadia, Emil’s spouse, had conflicting feelings when he became the green monster since their marriage was already rocky even before he was converted. She resumed using her original name and went on with her life, supposing he had gone for the good.


The Hulk, and Abomination

Nadia’s emotions were all over the place once she learned that Blonsky had survived and been transformed; she alternated between wanting to murder her old oppressor and wanting to rescue him from his position. Conversely, Blonsky’s longing for his departed love remained unsatiated, to the point that he kidnapped her many times. After attempting to lure Bruce for evil purposes, Nadia became infatuated with him, giving a second shock to Blonsky and intensifying his enmity against his foe the Hulk.

3. He Murdered Hulk’s Love

Betty Ross, Bruce Banner’s lifelong sweetheart, developed a radioactive illness after being exposed to the Hulk’s radiated halo for a lengthy period of time. The Abomination saw this as his chance to ultimately beat his competitor, who had been giving him trouble for so long. Bruce’s mental meltdown stems from his self-blame after Betty’s death.

Betty Ross

Betty Ross

Ross’s illness was exacerbated and ultimately severely poisoned by Blonsky’s covert infusion of his own radioactive plasma into her body. Banner learned the situation in the end, but rather than attacking Blonsky, he felt sorry for how low his rival had gone and rather offered his sympathy. The Abomination’s thrill of victory was shattered by yet another loss, and he was forced to confront what a monstrosity he had become.

4. Abomination Became a Teacher

Having murdered Betty Ross, the Monstrosity fled and assumed a fugitive’s identity. Although being an eight-foot-tall hulking monster, he managed to pass as a commuter by donning a large shrouded cloak and covering himself in rags. Rather than hiding out in New York City’s tunnels, Blonsky attempted to rejoin mainstream civilization by becoming a language instructor. Seriously.



You may poke fun at him any way you want, however, he really was a very dynamic and perceptive educator. Even his own unfortunate experiences were used as instances and teaching tools for aspiring authors. Blonsky told his pupils that happy stories are for weak authors alone, and then abruptly quit his teaching position after completing a class on how to teach literature.

5. There’s a Lady Version of Him

There’s a lady Abomination, just as there’s a She-Hulk for the Hulk. She goes by the name Abominatrix, although she doesn’t wear studded black leather or carry a whip. However, she is not the Hulk’s main antagonist, but rather the She-Hulk’s, because the latter had her own villain dubbed Mary.


Abominatrix, Abomination’s Lady Counterpart

The circumstances of her birth are even stranger than those of her male equivalent. Her birth moniker was Florence Sharples, but she changed it prior to participating in a gamma ray-related scientific trial on premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The research was obviously a failure, as her flesh grew greenish and her muscles and skeleton became thicker and larger. She, too, acquired Abomination-like abilities. That’s what happens when researchers attempt to control PMS.

6. Incredible Than The Hulk

According to the legendary Stan Lee, the villain’s first debut showed the monster as substantially more rigid compared to Banner, and he even managed to beat the green-giant superhero in their first meeting. Although Hulk, one of Marvel’s brightest heroes, used ’60s-era super-science to significantly weaken the Monstrosity by the end of its premiere story, the Abomination is still a real danger.

Emil Blonsky

Emil Blonsky

Abomination is stronger compared to his green counterpart in his normalized form, despite being weakened; Banner has only been able to defeat him once, and that was because the Hulk’s normal prowess was augmented in proportion to his wrath.

7. The James Bond of the Soviet Union

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Emil Blonsky is a British native of Russian ancestry who serves in the Marine Corps. He joined Commander Thunderbolt Ross’ “Hulkbuster” force, where an unapproved prototype of the Super-Soldier Formula that supercharged Captain America changed him into the Monstrosity we have known to hate.

Commander Thunderbolt Ross

Commander Thunderbolt Ross

Emil Blonsky, in comparison, had been a Soviet James Bond in the Marvel Comics universe who penetrated the New Mexico Base where Bruce Banner performed the bulk of his research. By mistake, Blonsky was exposed to a higher and more intense amount of radioactive material than that which generated the Monster while trying to disrupt one of Banner’s research, giving rise to the Abomination.

8. Space is His Another Home

Blonsky, like Banner, travels not only on Earth rather to other planets as well. Similar to his comic book hero predecessor, he has witnessed the wonders of the interstellar universe and other dimensions. This started when The Stranger abducted the villain. He was brought back to the Stranger’s homeworld so that he might save it as a potential armament or agent for use later.

Abomination and Thor

Abomination Vs Thor

Blonsky was once called in to combat the Silver Surfer, however, he was ultimately defeated. At one point throughout his time as The Stranger’s envoy, he even instigated a revolution and brought Thor to The Stranger’s world so that the latter might assist. Nonetheless, Thor learned Blonsky’s actual motives, engaged in combat with him, and ultimately prevailed.

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