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9 Reddit’s Unpopular Opinions About MCU’s Thanos

By Soniya Hinduja
September 9,2021

Marvel Cinematic Universe has a massive fandom spread across the world. Fans throughout the internet never fail to share their opinions about the franchise, and often about most favorite and least favorite characters. We stumbled across some points about Mad Titan Thanos on Reddit, that may be considered controversial. 

Marvel fans are found sharing their unconventional thoughts on various topics, be it at work, during a commute, while at leisure, or just when scrolling down social media like Tumblr or Reddit. Recently, what caught our eyes were a few controversial opinions on Mad Titan Thanos himself. With the anti-hero’s latest appearance on MCU’s Disney+ series What If…?, we cannot help but think how some of these points actually make sense.  



Social media is full of a number of unpopular opinions about Thanos, and it is up to the fans to choose their sides while agreeing or disagreeing with them. While there are platforms like Tumblr and fan forums crowding with discussions, our favorite when it comes to a painstakingly thorough fact on a Marvel character, is Reddit. We picked out some of the most debatable opinions by fans on Reddit to share with you.  

1. MCU Thanos Isn’t As Good As Comics Thanos

Thanos Comic

There is a question about which version of Thanos is better, raised by Bobandjim12602, in “Marvel”. In Marvel comics, he erases half the population to impress his crush, Lady Death. While in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is shown to have a wide array of emotions, and an in-depth future plan. Thus, his comics version is preferred by the fans.  

The comics version of Thanos has a history and well-developed character. MCU’s Thanos has a deluded incentive, his actions bring fights that crush a planet. But still, the unwise version is more acceptable than the lovelorn version, who does everything in his power, however evil, to awe Lady Death.

2. 2014 Thanos Doesn’t Match Up To 2018 Thanos


Thanos Prepares To Snap Wearing Iron Man’s Infinity Gauntlet

2018 was when Infinity War was carried out. At the end of the movie, we see Thanos snap his fingers and erase half the population, ultimately winning against the Avengers. The endgame starts with the remaining Avengers looking for him. When they find him, Thor beheads him. Later in the movie, he time travels from 2014 and fights the Avengers again. Gamer0607 in  “Marvel Studios,” says 2018 Thanos was clever and stronger and practically unstoppable. And 2014 Thanos? Not so much.  

This theory can be supported by the fact that the long search for the Infinity search made the villain wiser and fiercer. As for being indestructible, 2014 Thanos did not have the Infinity Stones, and hence the power that came with it was lost to him. It can be said that that is the only difference between the two times we see the character in a fight, so which of him is better is not a point of argument. 

3. Thanos Shows Mercy

Thanos Killing Iron Man


Thanos is seen to have been gracious and kind in his actions, says user Hasny999, in a Subreddit called “Thanos Did Nothing Wrong.” They say that if he wanted, he could have easily killed Iron Man on Titan, and destroyed everyone in Wakanda. Despite being a contentious one, this opinion has no arguments even in a Subreddit that is made solely to support Thanos.

Thanos was a massive psychopathic flake who snapped his fingers to commit a massacre in the name of “ethnic cleansing”. He is the last person to get a pass for sparing someone’s life and be called merciful. Mainly because he still took a huge number of Wakandan lives with that one snap. So when it comes to calling him forgiving, the Avengers would clearly disapprove.  

4. Thanos Couldn’t Beat Just Anyone


Thanos fights Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War

User Soratoumiga in “Marvel Studios,” says that if faced with certain characters of the MCU. Thanos would definitely make a run for his life, in fear of being defeated. The names used for this are Thor’s sister Hela, Ego, the Ancient One, and none other than Odin. Fans have noticed the fact that he only begins his raid for the Infinity Stones after Odin dies, which explains the villain’s obvious fear of the Allfather. 

But there is an argument against how, if ever, these four characters would ever come together to fight the Mad Titan. We see Hela appear after Odin’s death, as she was supposed to stay captive until then. In the past, Odin and Hela were shown to have separate interests. As for Ego, Thanos is nothing but an inconsequential being, because all that matters to him is his pet project. While the Ancient One could have been shown to fight him, it is necessary to consider that being the keeper of the Time Stone, her actions would have been the same as Doctor Strange, and she probably would have let go of the stone in order to achieve the right outcome in the future. 

5. Thanos’ Love For Gamora Isn’t Believable


Thanos takes young Gamora

Right before Thanos sacrifices Gamora in order to earn the Soul Stone in Avengers: Infinity War, we see Gamora doubting her father. She says how he could never love anyone. But there are fans who disagree with Gamora here. GabrielStrange, in Subreddit “Marvel Studios” argues on how there is an ounce of dubiety in the father-daughter relationship between him and Gamora. When looking at the depiction of fatherly love for characters like Quill, Thor, Tony and Hope, MCU doesn’t give the fans much to be emotionally invested with. 

However, this opinion is argued with how, despite never sharing the screen together, we see that in Guardians of the Galaxy, a lot of the story revolves around Gamora’s feelings concerning Thanos. There is a touching flashback scene in Avengers: Infinity War when he meets young Gamora and takes her in. That’s not all, in the same movie, we see him shed tears for Gamora, proving the theory otherwise. 

6. Luke Cage Or Iron Fist Could Beat Thanos In A Fist Fight


Luke Cake, Thanos, and Iron Fist

In a Subreddit titled “Who Would Win”, there is an interesting discussion about picking a contender for a garden variety fistfight against MCU’s Thanos. User Cold_lightning9 responds with Luke Cage and Iron Fist, with or without his double-bladed sword, in a post created by PeculiarPangolinMan.

There are rumors about characters like Daredevil and Kingpin making an appearance, but we have not seen a crossover with Luke Cage and Iron Fist as they have been seen only on Netflix shows. Both the characters possess good physical strength, but defeating Thanos? A bit unlikely. While Luke Cage could take on a fight at Hulk’s capacity, taking down the most powerful being in the universe is no easy feat. 

7. Thanos Is Weak


The point of calling Thanos weak is arguable because the franchise has shown the intense villain to be “the most powerful being in the universe.” In “Character Rant”, however, user Derstoronius calls the physical portrayal of Thanos “basically a purple version of the Hulk.” They say that without the Infinity Stones, he has no long-ranging skills to serve. Except, of course, strength and durability. 

In an argument, user NDRL says, Thanos is agile, which puts him to rank somewhere between Hulk and Captain America. Even without the power of the Infinity Stones, the heroes have been seen to have a hard time defeating him. Once, Mantis says he is too strong while attempting to make him sleep. And while we have seen Captain America hold a flying helicopter in place, we have also seen him struggle with him. So apparently, for the creators, the villain is anything but weak.

8. Thanos Could’ve Conquered Earth Easily In The 80s


If Thanos had put his plan to get the Infinity Stones in motion early in the 80s itself, maybe it would’ve been less difficult for him to win. This point suggested by Gray-Diamond in “What If Marvel” is immediately countered by DungeonCanuck1, who says that back then, he would have to go through heroes like Odin, Hank Pym, the Ancient One, and the Red Guardian and maybe even Hope VanDyne. They say that some SHIELD agents from that time could have been seen in the fight as well.    

Earth has been in possession of the Time, Space, and Reality Stones way before Loki’s war. Thanos had gained the Mind Stone by then. With the possibility of getting four Stones with little to no interference by the Avengers since they did not even exist then, it would have been fun to see him go for his plan in the 80s. But then again, he probably would have lost against Odin, the Allfather, hence making even the 80s an unlikely possibility for him.

9. Thanos Was Right

Being the most unpopular opinion about the villain, the discourse arising from this point is huge. However bizarre, there are people who believe Thanos was right in his actions. That when he wiped out half the universe, he did the right thing. In “Marvel Studios”, ShizuoHeiwajima08 lists the advantages of Thanos’ genocidal plan. 

ShizuoHeiwajima08 states that Endgame shows the conveniences after the Mad Titan erases half the universe. The water is cleaner, Tony Stark is living an undisturbed life with Pepper and Morgan, Bruce and Hulk together become Smart Hulk. This point is countered by DeLaVegaStyle, who says that while Tony, Hulk and others are better off being ignorant, there are characters like Clint and Thor and Ant-Man who absolutely lose it. Also, in Endgame, he vaguely says that he had been wrong all along and that it was time for him to make people forget that they had lost something big. Thus, it can be said that nothing would have any power over the loss, sadness, and chaos that Thanos’ action brought upon all living beings

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