A Big Fashion Blunder By Michelle Keegan?

Michelle Keegan made a huge fashion faux pas during Saturday’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show.

The actress, 34, sat down with host Jonathan, 61, to discuss the new season of her programme Brassic, and she wore a stunning low-cut corset-style top. Some viewers confused the flesh-coloured microphone affixed to Michelle’s dress for something else, with one tweeting: ‘Does Michelle Keegan realise her nips are showing on the Jonathon Ross show?’

Michelle Keegan

‘Well, Michelle Keegan isn’t leaving much to the imagination on Jonathan Ross tonight!’ said another. ‘Michelle!’ said a third. You’ve left your top at home!’ As she sat across from Jonathan, the brunette beauty looked stunning as usual. She paired the eye-catching blouse with pristine white pants and added height to her frame with open-toe heels.

During her interview with Jonathan, the former Coronation Street actress, married to former TOWIE star Mark Wright, admitted she found it ‘challenging’ to be away from home for so long when filming Our Girl in South Africa for eight months.

Michelle also stated that she would consider returning to the door for her character Georgie was left open. ‘Yeah,’ she said. I’d do it if the door were left open for Georgie. Georgie’s storyline with Elvis ended. It felt like the proper time for her to take a step back. But I’d like to return.’ Michelle stated that her role on Our Girl was her most proud role because she spent so much time away from home.

‘I’d say Our Girl only because I was away from home for a long time,’ she explained. One of the seasons I did involve me living away for eight months. I visited Nepal, Malaysia, and South Africa. I had a terrific experience. I was lucky, but being away from home was difficult.’ ‘It was quite physically hard,’ Michelle continued. I believe the acclimatisation process was complicated. That was difficult since it was so hot and I had a lot of clothing on. ‘And the medical side, learning everything there is to know about the medical side of the job.’

She also revealed that her father, Michael, promotes his Tenerife bar by promising his customers that they will FaceTime his famous daughter.

While her parents are proud of her, she confessed that her father takes advantage of her celebrity. When asked how they feel about her career, Michelle replied, ‘They are [proud].’ My dad is currently in Tenerife, where he has purchased a pub.

‘I must have FaceTimes with random clients from him five times a day.’ He’s ecstatic. ‘I’m not sure how he gets it in there.’ ‘Come into my pub and grab a FaceTime with Michelle!’ Michelle’s parents are Jacqueline and Mike Keegan. Michelle has Spanish ancestors because her father is Scottish, and her maternal grandmother is from Gibraltar.

Michelle travelled to the Canary Islands with her brother Andrew last month to support her father’s new gin bar, The Bee’s Knees. Michelle captioned a photo of herself and her family behind the bar, “Me and the bro went to visit dad’s new bar in Tenerife last weekend.”

‘If you’re in Tenners and want a pint, come and say hello.’ ‘I’m proud of you both for following your aspirations.’

Source: Daily Mail

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