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A Gigiantic Off-Roading Vehicle Designed Specifically For Hulk

By Sumit Sahu
August 19,2022

She-Hulk Episode 1 is out and one of the most amazing things that got the attention of fans is the big off-roading vehicle parked in the garage, specifically for Hulk.

We saw it when Jennifer decided to leave this place and go back to her real life, that she has worked hard to achieve.

The Gigantic Vehicle Designed For Hulk

We saw Jennifer struggling to get on the vehicle as it was at a great height, and someone in human form can’t find it easy to hop onto it. She managed to climb up, but then found the pedals to be far away. She pulled her seat forward to make the pedals more accessible.

But now the steering wheel was gigantic and at a height where a normal human being cannot consider driving it. Jennifer used a jacket at the back seat or a pile or few clothes to create a height stand to sit and drive at height.

It was a total humour to watch this scene, as Bruce was constantly trying to stop Jennifer, while pulling his punches on her. And then, the fight between brother and sister Hulk began, and that entertained us for a while.

Who Built This Vehicle?

James Rhodes

James Rhodes

We have not seen Bruce or Tony ever showing expertise in making automobile vehicles. Yes, Tony did make a flying suit, but that doesn’t run on roads. And, everything Tony makes for Bruce, will have technology and an AI embedded in it.

This vehicle looked standard and it seemed like the Military has offered him this as a gesture of something good he did in the past. James Rhodes had connections with the military, and it is possible to bring in this angle to the scene.

It is because, we have seen Rhodes, Rocket and Hulk battling under the Avengers building, fighting for life, when Thanos destroyed the entire property with missiles and constant firings. Hulk helped them survive, and this might be a return gift from Rhodes to Bruce Banner.

For now, all we can do is assume, but let’s see if we get to know about this small detail that we all witnessed in the first episode of She-Hulk.

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