A List Of All Spider-Man Movies That Were Shelved
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A List Of All Spider-Man Movies That Were Shelved

Let’s Take A Look Back At All The Cancelled Spider-Man Movies Due To Various Reasons

By Amitabh Mukherji
March 22,2023

Spider-Man debuted on the big screen forty years after Stan Lee and Steve Ditko introduced him for the universe of Marvel Comics in 1962, along with Iron Man and Dr. Strange, and he has appeared in a half-dozen live-action movies since then. Nonetheless, for as many Spider-Man movies as there are now, a considerable number were never made.

Despite the character’s popularity, Spider-Man, like many other superhero movies, has a tangled backstory of multiple failed attempts, cancelled plans, and full reboots. A number of prominent actors were attached to appear in the Spider-Man movies, but they never materialized.

Cannon Films’ Spider-Man

Cannon Films' Spider-Man

Cannon Films’ Spider-Man

Cannon Films paid $225K to acquire Spider-Man’s cinematic license from Marvel for a five-year period in 1985.The issue was that the character of Spider-Man was misinterpreted by the cousins in charge of Cannon Films, since they thought the superhero belonged to a horror franchise.

The director, Tobe Hooper, was brought onto the project, and a screenplay was written by Leslie Stevens.
In Steven’s story, a corporate scientist purposely subjects Peter Parker to a radioactive attack, mutating him into an eight-armed creature.
Peter, the human tarantula, chooses not to join the scientist’s new mutant master race, fighting a chain of mutations stored in a basement lair.

Tom Cruise had been rumored to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man. The project was halted due to Cannon’s financial difficulties.

James Cameron’s Spider-Man

James Cameron's Spider-Man

James Cameron’s Spider-Man

Carolco Pictures initially purchased the movie rights to Spider-Man from Menahem Golan for $5 million in 1990, with a $50 million budget. Carolco requested the expertise of James Cameron to script and direct the movie.
James Cameron had presented a script that was 47 pages long. The script uses adaptations of the comic book villains Electro and Sandman to tell Spider-Man’s story. Carlton Strand, the “Electro,” was a power-hungry spoof of corrupt businessmen.
Instead of being trapped in a nuclear blast on a beach, Cameron’s Sandman (just named Boyd) gets mutated by an event involving Philedalphia Experiment-style bilocation and atom mixing.

The plot concludes with a showdown on top of the World Trade Center, with Peter Parker disclosing his identity to Mary Jane Watson.

The plot featured Spider-Man and Mary Jane having sex on the Brooklyn Bridge and used a lot of foul language.

Carolco discontinued active development on Spider-Man in April 1992 because of monetary and legal issues.

During this time, Leonardo DiCaprio was considered for the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Maggie Smith was considered for Aunt May, Robyn Lively was considered for Mary Jane Watson, R. Lee Ermey was considered for J. Jonah Jameson, Michael Biehn was considered for Sandman, and Lance Henrikson was considered for Electro.

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4

Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 Concept Art

Preparation for Spider-Man 4 began in 2008, with Raimi going to direct and the previous movies’ primary cast returning. Raimi denied allegations in 2009 that Spider-Man 5 and 6 were also in the works, saying that just the fourth was in the works.
In terms of villains, Raimi envisioned showing Dr. Curt Connors’ transition into the Lizard, with Dylan Baker playing the part. He also intended to introduce Bruce Campbell as Quentin Beck/Mysterio.
It was rumored in December 2009 that John Malkovich was in negotiations to play Adrian Toomes/Vulture, whose outfit was recently revealed, with Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie being considered for the role of Felicia Hardy/Black Cat.

Sam Raimi had viewed four script versions and still rejected it. Spider-Man 4 was scrapped by Sony in January 2010.
Raimi had stated that he did not believe they had the right script for the project. He confessed that he was dissatisfied with Spider-Man 3 and wanted to make the fourth film the finest one yet. 
Raimi had told Sony that he didn’t want to make a bad film and that he wouldn’t be able to meet the timeframe, so he thought they shouldn’t produce the movie and told them to go forward with the reboot they were already preparing.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 & 4

The Amazing Spider-Man 3

The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Sony stated in June 2013 that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 would be released on June 10, 2016, with Marc Webb back to direct, and that The Amazing Spider-Man 4 would be released on May 4, 2018.
But after Amazing Spider-Man 2’s poor response, Sony and Marvel Studios reached an agreement in February 2015 to introduce Spider-Man to the MCU and restart the character. The Amazing Spider-Man instalments were then discontinued.
According to reports, the plot for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 would have involved Peter Parker using a formula and his DNA to revive the people who had died in his life. This included Captain Stacy, Gwen, and Uncle Ben.

During the 2014 Sony Pictures email hack, it was revealed that Sony was planning to keep Carnage as the main villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 4.

Silver & Black

Silver & Black

Silver & Black

Black Cat made her big-screen debut in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Felicia Hardy, played by Felicity Jones, undoubtedly building up a significant involvement for the character. The ideas for that property were cancelled, but Sony Pictures was still keen to make a female-led comic book movie.
Christopher Yost was contracted to write the screenplay for Silver & Black, a collaboration movie starring Black Cat and Silver Sable. The film was intended to be part of Sony’s universe, which also includes Venom and Morbius.

Sony then shelved plans for Silver and Black, opting instead to separate the two heroes into their respective movies.

Alex Kurtzman’s Venom

Alex Kurtzman's Venom

Alex Kurtzman’s Venom

Sony stated in December 2013 that a Venom-focused spin-off to The Amazing Spider-Man was in the works, with Alex Kurtzman committed to direct.
Venom: Carnage was a suggested title for the movie, which ultimately became the 2018 movie Venom.
Sony had planned two Sinister Six movies, movies about Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man 2099, Black Cat, and a Spider-Man Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man movie for the Amazing Spider-Man universe, but all productions were shelved after the Sony and Marvel agreement.





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