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A Moon Knight God Introduction May Have Changed Fate Of The Story

By Abraham George
April 22,2022

Moon Knight gives the viewers a clear-cut explanation of its fantasy with the Gods. For example, in Moon Knight’s third episode, viewers learned a lot about the Ennead and their backstory. They also learned why the Ennead decided to leave humans. Horus, Isis, Tefnut, Osiris, and Hathor were some of the gods who were shown in the episode.

In Episode 3, the Ennead played a big role in a lot of important events. In the beginning, Khonshu called the gods to Arthur Harrow’s trial, which led to a bad outcome for the Moon God. His fellow deities didn’t believe his accusations. It comes back at the end of the episode, where they put Khonshu in stone because he turned back the night sky. The Ennead is made up of nine Egyptian gods. Moon Knight only showed five of them (six, if Khonshu was not banished). This made fans wonder what happened to the other gods. As of now, the fourth episode has shown us a little more about another Egyptian god.

Moon Knight Episode 4 had a very strange ending. It happened after Marc Spector was shot by Arthur Harrow. He thought that the events of the first three episodes didn’t happen. We learned that Harrow is Spector’s therapist, and May Calamawy’s Layla is also a patient at the center. However, things went from crazy to interesting when it was revealed that Steven Grant was also at the institute. This led to the first meeting between Spector and Grant.

Tawaret’s Introduction Into The MCU

Tawaret is introduced as the Goddess of Healing at the end of Episode 4 in Moon Knight

Tawaret is introduced as the Goddess of Healing at the end of Episode 4 in Moon Knight

When Taweret, an Egyptian goddess with the body of a hippopotamus, comes to the show at the end of the episode, the meeting between the two is cut short by her. It is said that in myths, Taweret is the goddess of childbirth and fertility. She is a protector for mothers and their children. At the end of Moon Knight Episode 4, Taweret made her Marvel debut. This is because the Egyptian goddess has no previous comic book history.

An interview with Antonia Salib, who played Taweret, said that Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab and his crew gave her freedom to create her character. Salib also said that it was a work-together process from the start. As Salib reveals, there could be more appearances of Taweret in the last few episodes. This is the first clear sign that the mental asylum might not be real, and this could be one of Arthur Harrow’s tricks to make Marc Spector think the place is real.

He knows that Spector has no defenses without Khonshu. The cult leader could be taking advantage of Marc’s broken mind. This allows him to put a lot of illusions into the asylum he made for Spector. One of them could be Taweret, and he could put it there. Alternatively, the hippo goddess may have sneaked into this possible illusion in order to bring Marc back to the real world. Moon Knight can use Taweret’s lack of history in Marvel Comics to come up with many new story lines. Taweret may be the key to saving Spector and Grant in the world Harrow made. Because she is sweet and calm, it’s possible that she could be the key. It’s also possible that she could help Harrow or even Ammit fool Spector into going to the mental institute with them.

How Tawaret May Change The Story

Moon Knight Just Confirmed 5 New Gods In the MCU

Moon Knight Just Confirmed 5 New Gods In the MCU

Because Taweret doesn’t have a lot of history with Marvel, a comic run by Moon Knight could hold the answer to Taweret’s place in the MCU. The idea for the episode’s mental asylum came from Jeff Lemire’s run on Moon Knight in 2016. He wakes up in an asylum, but he has memories of being a hero. He has no real powers. Finally, it was found out that Ammit is one of Marc’s doctors, which proves that the asylum is fake. After seeing both of Spector’s personalities in person, Taweret’s appearance could be another sign that the asylum is fake, like Lemire’s Moon Knight run, which had a twist on the Moon Knight story.

In the last two episodes of Moon Knight, there is a good chance that Taweret’s history will be explained. This could be overshadowed by the fact that the goddess could be a bad person instead of an ally instead. Taweret could be under the influence of Harrow and Ammit, and the mental asylum would be its prison, so it would not be able to leave. Then again, there could be a fight between Spector and Taweret in the works.

However, it’s also reasonable to think that Taweret isn’t bad, and that she could be there as an illusion or Marc’s helper. If Spector and Grant can’t get out of this mental prison on their own, they’ll need all the help they can get. Taweret might be their only way out. It’s now possible to watch the first four episodes of Moon Knight on Disney+.

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