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A New Avengers Team May Be In The Making Following Moon Knight

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 1,2022

Star Wars alum Oscar Isaac’s new role in Moon Knight has piqued fans’ interest since they first saw the trailer. It’s no secret that many Disney+ subscribers are looking forward to the grittier-than-average tone of Moon Knight. This is especially so after learning that actor Jon Bernthal will be returning to reprise his role. To refresh your memory, Bernthal was the one who played the Punisher in the critically acclaimed Netflix series.

Moon Knight is likely to follow in the footsteps of other recent Marvel Comics characters in laying the groundwork for a new Avengers team. Young Avengers is hinted at by Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel. Meanwhile, the Thunderbolts and Fantastic Four/X-Men are already part of the MCU. Furthermore, Doctor Strange’s Multiverse of Madness has Defender Strange, leading some to speculate that The Defenders are on the way.

Putting Together The Midnight Sons

Blade and Moon Knight have been part of the Midnight Sons

Blade and Moon Knight have been part of the Midnight Sons.

The Midnight Sons of Marvel Studios are said to include a number of heroes, including Moon Knight. They are a group of superheroes who band together to fight against supernatural threats in the Midnight Sons comics. Over the years, members of the group have included Blade, The Punisher, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, and Moon Knight.

Phase 4 rumors claim that Marvel is planning to bring together a variant of the Midnight Sons in the MCU. This is just like it is said to be doing for the Young Avengers. Marc Spector’s post-Moon Knight role in the MCU may or may not involve the Midnight Sons, but that’s a possibility.

According to rumors, Mahershala Ali’s Blade will make an appearance in Moon Knight. In addition, the show will either feature Dracula prominently or set the villain up for an upcoming MCU appearance. Marvel’s long-rumored Midnight Sons plans could be confirmed if both of these surprises are true.

There’s a good chance that Moon Knight, like this year’s Doctor Strange, will contribute to a larger expansion of Marvel’s supernatural universe. Regardless of whether or not the Midnight Sons ever come together, Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector could still play a variety of roles in the MCU following Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Is The MCU’s Possible New Avenger

Moon Knight in Marvel comics

Moon Knight

When it comes to Moon Knight as a character in the comics, he has appeared in the West Coast Avengers, Secret Avengers, Marvel Knights, Defenders, and Heroes for Hire. Therefore, it is possible that Spector will become an important new member of the MCU Avengers. A spot on the Avengers team should definitely be considered for someone of his stature and charisma.

Until the release of Moon Knight on Disney+, it is impossible to predict Marc Spector’s future in the MCU. The trailers for Moon Knight try to make it seem like a standalone series. However, Marvel fans can rest easy knowing that Oscar Isaac will be a regular cast member. It’s not clear if that’s because the Disney+ series will set him up to join the Midnight Sons or become one of the MCU’s newest Avengers.

It’s looking more and more likely that a Midnight Sons-style team will be assembled in the coming years, thanks to characters like Blade, Werewolf by Night, and Ghost Rider being announced for the MCU. Assuming such an Avengers team does form within the MCU, we can expect Moon Knight to be a member of it.

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