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A New Marvel God Has Been Created To Honor Stan Lee

By Mabel Judith Andrady
December 27,2021

Marvel Comics named a new god in the universe after the late Stan Lee. And they did so while honouring the memory of the late Stan Lee. An all-new character named The Pilgrim, the Fourth Cosmos’ sentient embodiment, makes an appearance in The Defenders #4, posing as The True Believer. It takes its name from Stan Lee’s most famous catchphrase and character name for Marvel fans who have been around since the beginning of the publisher.

The “True Believers”

Stan Lee

Stan Lee coined several memorable phrases and lines during his illustrious career at Marvel Comics. From “Excelsior” to “‘Nuff Said,” Marvel’s most famous superhero has always had a signature phrase. One of his most memorable catchphrases was “Face Front, True Believers,” which he used to end his editorials at the end of “Stan’s Soapbox”. True Believer is a catchphrase used by Stan Lee to refer to his fans, even though Marvel has published several series and other projects using the name. In the Marvel Universe, a powerful new god is now taking the title.

They find themselves in the Fourth Cosmos in The Defenders #4 by Al Ewing, Javier Rodriguez, and VC’s Joe Caramagna. What-Must-Be, an archetype of Galactus, is one of several archetypes that will continue in different futures in the Fourth Cosmos. As a result, the archetypes are saved when Zota returns to the Third Cosmos. However, the Fourth Cosmos must be destroyed. The Pilgrim, who refers to themselves as the Fourth Cosmos and the True Believer, is summoned by the cosmic being. Magically, the Pilgrim releases its energy to create the Fifth Cosmos and send the Defenders to their original time.

Stan Lee’s Legacy Lives On

Stan-Lee-GodDespite their brief appearance, the Pilgrim’s influence can still be seen in how the Fifth Cosmos was created. Furthermore, their influence is also on how the Defenders travelled back in time to thwart Dr Zota’s plans. Ewing and Rodriguez’s decision to refer to the Pilgrim as “The True Believer” is a nice nod to Stan Lee. Lee coined the phrase and is responsible for some of Marvel Comics’ most magical moments.

To be a character that had such a significant impact on the Marvel Universe’s Fifth Cosmos development, the Pilgrim was a bit of an underdog. Not to forget to mention, the Pilgrim referred to themselves as the True Believers. In the House of Ideas, creative, passion-filled books of epic cosmic propulsion are still being produced. Marvel Comics’ The Defenders #4 is now available in stores.

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