A Recent Rumor Spoils The Villains For The Upcoming Disney+ Show Ms. Marvel

Marvel Studios is approaching the year 2022, and apparently, getting closer to bringing in its first round of Disney+ shows featuring a considerable number of new characters in the MCU. These include Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight and Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk. In addition, Phase 4 is on its way to expanding into Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel. And this will be interesting to watch as it will add to the MCU’s growing cache of younger heroes to walk after the great line of established icons.

To this day, Marvel has been secretive about giving away any details involving the New Jersey teen’s first MCU adventure. However, Disney+ Day 2021 released new footage of Kamala Khan’s life before her adventures as a superhero. The said clip highlighted Kamala in her costume as she paid her respects to Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. This is from when she first tries to use her newfound abilities, although anything related to them is not shown on screen yet.

There have only been a few affirmations regarding the story and cast for the Ms. Marvel series. This is why there still aren’t any official reports suggesting who the main antagonists will be in this brand-new story. But that is not the case now. Some rumors might help in revealing a couple of unique groups leaving a mark in the MCU with their infamous roles in Iman Vellani’s solo series.

Ms. Marvel Vs. ClanDestine and NICE?

Lizzie Hill of The Cosmic Circus unveiled a rumor that Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel will feature ClanDestine and the government organization NICE as the show’s main villains to address the mystery. According to Marvel Comics, ClanDestine is a family of supernatural descendants of Djinn. The Djinn are a race of powerful magicians. At the same time, NICE is a government organization led by actress Alysia Reiner. However, Reiner’s role in the show is undisclosed at the moment.

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New faces being introduced to Marvel in Ms. Marvel

Marvel Studios has made a signature move out of fleshing out some of the comics’ most dubious characters and entities. But to do it so fashionably that they become the audience’s most adored characters. Take, for instance, the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. And now, the point has been proven by Marvel’s inclination towards introducing both ClanDestine and NICE into significant roles through the forthcoming Disney+ show. 

Following the arc of the comic books, ClanDestine has wavered in morality by faltering between acting as the hero and villain. This is because some members of the family had surprisingly gained superpowers. There is still little information to go about their involvement in the show. Although, Marvel could mold their story differently. This can be done by infusing some of the Inhumans’ legacy into the story. It would be convenient as the idea was tried out in past Marvel TV shows like Agents of SHIELD and Inhumans. 

The comics suggest that the organization is an entirely novel entry to the MCU regarding NICE as a villain. But it will look like the real-world ICE in the United States. The fact that the organization is rigorously after highly powered individuals like Ms. Marvel is still uncertain from the little information. However, being villains, they will cross paths with Kamala Khan as she transforms into a superhero. And it will not be a pretty angle in the plot. 

Plans for Ms. Marvel’s Disney+ debut

So far, any news about Ms. Marvel does not disclose that the show will incorporate a Inhuman royal family like Black Bolt or Medusa. But the production is believed to be developing a reboot series for this group of heroes within the canon MCU. And Marvel’s Inhuman originals can help in achieving this. Before any of that, the introduction of NICE and ClanDestine will be a significant step in carrying out the project. With that said, much of the information stays unclear about when exactly we will see this happen. 

Ms. Marvel will make its first debut on Disney+ sometime in the Summer of 2022.