A Sex Icon? The Last Of Us Bloater Actor Says People Are Sending Him Love Letters
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A Sex Icon? The Last Of Us Bloater Actor Says People Are Sending Him Love Letters

The Last of Us fans are finding a unique creature from the show sexually attractive- the Bloater, and it has even surprised its actor

By Ishita Chatterjee
February 17,2023

Episode 5 of HBO’s “The Last of Us” introduced a terrifying new kind of infected- the Bloater. Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey) corners Sam (Keivonn Woodard) and Henry (Lamar Johnson), and pulls out her gun on them, all ready to fire it. But the ground opens up and spills out handfuls of infected monsters. But the most terrifying of them is the heavy Bloater. However, instead of feeling terrified, it looks like viewers were intrigued by the creature and the man in the suit.

The Last Of Us Bloater Is Now A Sex Icon

The Bloater in Episode 5 of The Last of Us

The Bloater in Episode 5 of The Last of Us

Adam Basil, a British stuntman who is 6’6″ tall, is the man inside the grotesque Bloater suit. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Basil revealed that he was received a lot of romantic attention since starring as the Bloater.

The stuntman said that the creature has become something of a sex icon with people even sending him love letters. Here’s what the actor said:

“He seems to be a bit of a sex icon. He’s captured a lot of people’s imaginations. Someone asked me if I’d come to their wedding. I’ve had people sending me love messages. He really brought out something in people that I don’t think even they knew they had. He’s the big daddy mushroom, I think there’s been a [meme].”

The Bloater Is A Triumph Of The Prosthetics Department

Adam Basil in the Bloater suit

Adam Basil in the Bloater suit

The prosthetics and makeup department of “The Last of Us” has done a tremendous job depicting the creature as ugly and vile. But unfortunately or fortunately for the actor, it had the opposite effect on the public. The costume was designed by Barrie Gower, who has worked on “Game of Thrones” and “Stranger Things.”

The suit made out of latex, rubber, and clay weighed a stunning 40 kilograms. Basil said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he wanted to ensure that the Bloater felt heavy and the suit did a lot of that job. He also said that it was one of the most challenging things he has ever worked on. It seems like it is that heaviness that fans loved.

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