A Ukraine Hero: Mother Of 12 Dies In Fiery Shelling Against Russian Army

People have claimed that Olga Semidyanova died in a firefight near Donetsk in the south of Russia. She was 48 years old, and it is said that she kept fighting after most of her unit was killed. To pay tribute to a combat medic who was killed while fighting Russian troops in Ukraine, people have written cards and sent gifts to her family and friends.

Olga Semidyanova was 150 miles from her home fighting near Donetsk when she was shot.

To pay tribute to a combat medic who was killed while fighting Russian troops in Ukraine, people have written cards and sent gifts to her family and friends. Mother Heroine was a title given to a nurse who worked with soldiers. She was killed on the border between Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia oblasts on March 3.

Grateful Ukrainians flooded social media with tributes to Olga, who was killed during fighting on March 3.

The 48-year-old had six kids, but he also took in six more kids from a local orphanage and raised them as his own kids. When she was killed this month, she lived in the city of Marhanets, which is about 150 miles from where she died. Mother Heroine is a title that is given to women who have had more than five kids.

The 48-year-old had six children but also adopted six more children from a local orphanage.

News that she had died led to many people paying tribute. Members of Ukraine’s government were the first to do this. A government adviser told the Sun that she was killed in a fight with Russian thugs. The news that she died has also led to a lot of people in Ukraine paying their respects on social media. Many other people said she was a hero and a saint. Chuk Towers said:

‘Olga Semidyanova fought until the end for her country. ‘Rip hero’

The combat medic and mother of 12 children has served in the Ukraine army since 2014.

There were a lot of people at a memorial service in Yavoriv today to remember the soldiers who died when they were hit by a rocket. Two men were killed on Sunday when Russian missiles hit a military base in Ukraine, which is a hub for military cooperation between Ukraine and NATO. At least 35 people were killed in all.

Flowers are placed around the graves of soldiers Roman Rak and Mykola Mykytiuk in Starychi, Ukraine.

On Wednesday, three days after Roman Rak and Mykola Mykytiuk were buried in Starychi, the villagers came together to say goodbye. They were soldiers, men in their late 40s and early 50s, who were on a trip. Loved ones and soldiers, many of whom were their own age and had a few extra pounds, were the first to cry. According to Ms Semidyanova’s family, she was killed by a shot to the stomach, but her body hasn’t been found because of ongoing fighting in the area. This has left her family very sad.

People attend a funeral ceremony for Ukraine military servicemen Roman Rak and Mykola Mykytiuk in Starychi

At the Regional Intensive Care Hospital; Russian soldiers took about 400 people from nearby homes and put them there as human shields; along with about 100 patients and staff. Iryna Vereshchuk, a deputy prime minister in Ukraine; said she was shocked by what was happening. They made a video to tell the world about the things they had seen in the attack on Mariupol, which is still going on. One person said:

“We don’t want to be heroes and martyrs after we die.”

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24; Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, said that an estimated 1,300 of his country’s soldiers have been killed. The true number isn’t known. It’s been confirmed that 691 civilians have been killed in Ukraine; and another 1,143 have been injured, the UN Human Rights Office said on Tuesday. But the UN says that the true number of civilians killed is likely to be a lot higher; because of the intense fighting in some places and the time it takes to report the deaths. Three million people have fled Ukraine, the UN says.