Actor To Play New Ghost Rider Has Reportedly Been Finalized By Marvel

In the Marvel Universe, Ghost Rider, Marvel’s Spirit of Vengeance, has already had a few live-action appearances. Nicholas Cage, a fan favorite, appeared in two films as the Rider between 2007 and 2011. To everyone’s surprise both of which were critical and commercial successes. On Agents of SHIELD, the character was played by Gabriel Luna for the entire season.

While a live-action Ghost Rider series was in the works under Jeph Loeb’s Marvel Television division, it was abruptly canceled when Marvel TV was disbanded and Marvel Studios took over. Luna’s project was put on hold because of Marvel Studios’ plans for the character in the MCU, which has been reported to have been in development since 2020.
Rumors about the character seem to be re-igniting in the media right now. Previously deleted tweets from scooper Charles Murphy claim that the role of Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been cast.

The MCU Might Be Getting a Ghost Rider?

Ghost Rider

On Charles Murphy’s Twitter feed, it’s been reported that Marvel Studios is negotiating with an actor about playing Ghost Rider. Presumably, Marvel is looking at the actor Murphy previously claimed they were.

No one has been cast officially yet, according to Murphy, but Marvel is “talking with someone.”

“I have at no time said Ghost Rider was cast. [I]did say they were talking with someone. I said he would be great IF THEY CLOSED THE DEAL. Please quit attributing this to me. It’s false.”

Johnny Blaze? Danny Ketch? Robbie Reyes?

It’s going to be interesting to see what Marvel Studios decides to do with Ghost Rider. For one thing, the Riders have appeared in numerous comic books. Ghost Rider’s first appearance is also a pressing question. As a whole, the MCU has been dipping its toe into the horror waters, though it’s been done in small doses.

Currently, Mahershala Ali is portraying Blade, a half-vampire in an upcoming film, and he appeared in the post-credits sequence of Eternals. And while we’re on the subject of vampires, an appearance in Loki was made by one of the show’s characters.

A 2022 Halloween special called Werewolf by Night is in the works at Marvel Studios, according to a report. Furthermore, the upcoming Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness was originally marketed as a horror film.

Even if Johnny Blaze or Robbie Reyes plays Ghost Rider in the MCU, fans will be treated to a thrilling ride when the fearsome antihero makes an appearance. Ghost Rider would fit right in with any of these gothic projects.