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Addison Rae Gets Wet At The Beach In An Open Top & Bikini 

By Alankar Nayak
October 30,2021

Addison Rae Easterling flaunted her jaw-dropping body in a wet-and-sandy photograph uploaded on her Instagram page on Sunday night.

The 21-year-old TikTok sensation flaunted her curves as she posed along the shoreline for a series of seductive images, providing a tremendous thrill for her 40.1 million followers. To view the photos, scroll down.

Her Beach Outfit

The actress from “He’s All That” stepped out on the beach in a provocative costume. She abandoned her bikini top in favour of a purple open-front top that revealed plenty of skin. It featured long sleeves and a tie-front element that helped keep the garment secure.


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 Addison teamed the top with royal blue trousers that sat low on her hips, highlighting her toned midsection. Meanwhile, the thin snakeskin strings were tied on the sides of her hips and stretched high over her lower torso.

Taking Advantage Of The Beach


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A post shared by Addison Rae 💟 (@addisonraee)

 In the first photo, Addison appeared wet from swimming and covered in sand, posed front and centre with her arms and hands grasping her damp hair. She locked her gaze on the lens, her face seductive and her head slightly cocked to the side. The shot’s background was composed of large stones and coconut trees.

The following photograph depicted the internet sensation standing next to a massive coconut tree limb. Addison posed with one leg forward, her left side towards the photographer. She raised her arms above her head and gazed off-camera at something.

Addison’s pose resembled that of the previous photograph in the third image. She was, however, in another part of the city. She was photographed beaming a big smile and revealing her sparkling whites. Under the brilliant sunlight, her sun-kissed complexion appeared to gleam.

Day Out with the Girls

Addison captioned the photo with a variety of emojis and omitted her location. She shared on her Instagram stories that she visited the beach with two of her buddies – beauty artist Tori McConkey and model Bianca Finch.

Addison Rae's Instagram account

Addison Rae’s Instagram account

The post received over 2.2 million likes and over 5,500 comments in a short period. Fans and a few well-known figures raced to the comments section to express their gratitude. Numerous people have lauded Addison’s beauty, while countless social media users have gushed about her killer body. Others choose to share their feelings about the snaps with emoticons rather than words.

Reaction of Fans


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YouTuber James Charles remarked, “nice addy.”

Another adoring fan took the time to leave a comment beneath the images, referring to Addison as a “Pretty woman.” “All right, you’re the woman of my dreams!” exclaimed a third admirer.

No More Banned

Red Carpet Arrivals at the Addison Rae Spotify Best New Artist 2020 Party

Red Carpet Arrivals at the Addison Rae Spotify Best New Artist 2020 Party

Addison was recently temporarily banned from TikTok. She took to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction with the video-sharing platform’s decision.”I suppose it’s time to look for work,” Addison commented alongside a screenshot of her deactivated TikTok account.

The snapshot depicted a message from the site that read, “Your account has been permanently suspended due to several violations of our Community Guidelines.” You can access your data via a download.” Her TikTok suspension, on the other hand, was very brief, as her page remains active.

“Her account was temporarily suspended last night but was quickly restored,” a TikTok spokesman told E! News.