Ahsoka Series Must Visit Exegol And Set Up Base For New Star Wars Trilogy

We need a new Star Wars trilogy, there I said it. Also, we need it to be building up around Ahsoka. Ahsoka is already a

By Subhankar Chowdhury
October 22,2021
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We need a new Star Wars trilogy, there I said it. Also, we need it to be building up around Ahsoka. Ahsoka is already a very popular character after The Mandalorian season. The twitter-sphere is already busy drawing fan fiction and the fandom is divided, on who is a better Jedi between Ahsoka and Luke Skywalker?

It is about time that Disney+ is thinking about giving Ahsoka a new and independent show. Now Star Wars universe is not a Ginny, who will grant any wish we want, but Fans can hope for the best right. So, there are certain things, which people want to see in the show about Ahsoka. Such as; she should visit the planet Exegol from the “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”.

Ahsoka Tano TV Show
Ahsoka Tano TV Show

It can be assumed that in the beginning, Ahsoka series will be focusing on the Tano’s desire to hunt the Thrawn. This move is vital regarding big implications for the Universe of Star Wars. The season can also put forward the storyline from the book, “Ahsoka loosely adapts Heir to the Empire”, by Timothy Zahn.

He is the one, who introduced us to Grand Admiral Thrawn. The book was about the beginning of an exciting trilogy along with a gripping tale about an empire’s republic struggle against the impeccable tactical genius of Thrawn. There is only one con to that storyline is that the whereabouts of Thrawn is missing and that offers the best potential for Ahsoka’s series.

What does Thrawn Have to do in the Ahsoka?


Thrawn made a late appearance within the latter season of “Star Wars Rebels”, the series ended with a mind-boggling sequence where Thrawn and Ezra Bridger a Jedi, jumped into a Void within a hyperspace. So it is evident that they ended up within an unknown region. Now it is obvious that these characters are returning to the new Ahsoka series, so it is totally justified that Ahsoka will venture these places in order to find them. Now, these unknown regions are like Pandora’s Box for potential, because you know these places are considered home for “The Rise of Skywalker’s” Exegol’s people along with people of Thrawn’s, The CHISS.

The Star Wars universe sometimes gets divided over a few elements and the variation rises from the Fans of Comic books and Fans from the screen. Like in the case of Exegol, It has great value for Comic Book enthusiasts, as the place is where Darth Vader discovered the hidden base of Emperor Palpatine and also the “Deadly Stars Destroyers”.

On the other hand to the wider audience, the planet is just a big, jarring, obnoxious plot hole from “The Rise of the Skywalker”. Ahsoka can resolve the differences, as Thrawn has a deep connection with the planet, so obviously it must get featured exclusively in the Ahsoka series. The connection of Thrawn can be witnessed from the canon novel, “Thrawn Ascending: Chaos Rising” by Timothy Zahn.

Base For A New Trilogy

Ahsoka, Thrawn And Ezra Bridger
Ahsoka, Thrawn And Ezra Bridger

From a calculated guess, it can be assumed that Exegol is in fact one of many other “Box Systems” within the unknown regions, and from the places which are identified by the Chiss. Thrawn and the Chiss have knowledge about the Exegol, which makes it plausible for Ahsoka to wonder in Exegol, in order to find out about the Grand Admiral.

Exegol can only be found with the help of the Sith Wayfinder and Ahsoka’s force can help her to find one. Also, there is a plus point of introducing Ahsoka in Exegol, because calculating the timeline shows that Darth Vader has also paid a visit to Exegol during the time of Ahsoka’s timeline chosen for the show, so it can be a chance to set up a potential character developing sequence with a heart-wrenching moment for the Former Jedi.

Ashoka and Grand Admiral Thrawn
Ashoka and Grand Admiral Thrawn

One thing is clear, with so much potential; these ideas can take a pivotal place for Ahsoka and Star War’s future journey. So far it is looking like that the introduction of Yuuzhan Vong through “Star Wars: Episode X” will take place as new beginnings but Ahsoka can set the platform for the Chiss to be the new antagonist of Star Wars.

Also, why not, I mean the blue-skinned race of aliens might not be a new thing for Hollywood, but they are so much more than a cheap copy of Avatar. The race is quite civilised and also can be considered as an isolationist society, and it could easily substitute the empire, okay “easily” might be a little harsh but anyway, I mean the race has a direct association with the Imperials from Legends.

Focusing On The Chiss

Also in a post-Rise of Skywalker world, don’t they deserve it? I mean the battle was brought to the Chiss by the Palpatine. Although all of these might be a little over-thinking, Ahsoka is light year ahead in terms of timeline from Episode X. Still the series can be a fresh air as it can set up big Plot points in a much more pro-active sense. Also, so many Chiss characters can be utilised in a future film, like the Jagged Fel, who is a Human but brought up between the Chiss and later on had a bond with Jaina Solo. Does not intend to undermine anyone but Jaina Solo can substitute Rey, just saying.