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Ahsoka Tano Could Appear In Andor Before Her Show On Disney+

The rumour mill is working hard and now the news on the streets is that Ahsoka Tano could very well show up in Andor, the Star Wars Disney+ series that set to premier in 2022. But before we explore this bombshell news, let us know a little about Cassian Andor and the show Andor. 

Ahsoka Tano And Andor

What Will Be Andor About?

The show will be set in 5BBY and will star Cassian Andor, the Rebel spy. It’s being said that the show will be focusing on the Rebellion’s early days. Also, it’s being rumoured that Mon Mothma, as well as K-2SO, will be returning when the Rebel cells had yet to come together and form the powerful Rebel Alliance as was seen in the Rogue One movie. 

Who Is Cassian Andor And Will He Make Andor Interesting?

Cassian Andor started off as a soldier when he was simply a child. This was when the Clone Wars were going on. Now, when he was 6 he became a part of the Separatist Alliance. There all the combat he did was throw pieces of debris at the Republic’s Clone Troopers. 

Cassian Andor

Now we don’t really know how Cassian managed to join the Rebellion after being a part of the Separatists. But the Ultimate Visual Guide of Rogue One says that he was introduced to the Rebellion by Davits Draven. 

Along with this, the K-2SO comic does say how we was reprogrammed and recruited in the group. However, we don’t know of his Rebellion-era adventures which happened before Rogue One took place. So there’s a lot that Andor can develop and show here. 

Who Is Ahsoka Tano And How Is She Connected To The Rebels?

Ashoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano showed up first in The Clone Wars. After that, she has gone on to be a beloved Star Wars character. So her debut in The Mandalorian was long-awaited. 

Now, viewers of Rebels will know that Ahsoka Tano was actually one of those rebel members who joined at the beginning in Bail Organa’s Rebel initiative. Not to mention that Tano was also important in forming the Rebel Alliance.

Ashoka And Ezra Bridger In Rebels World Between Worlds Episode

In Rebels, she was first working as Fulcrum, a mysterious and unknown rebel agent. But once her true identity got revealed she became a part of season 2 of Rebels. But that was till she was presumed dead as a result of getting murdered on Malachor by Vader. But she actually wasn’t dead. Instead, Ezra Bridger saved her using World-Between-Worlds. 

So while she is definitely going to lead her own Disney+ show, but there is a very real possibility that she could show up in Andor way before her very own show. 

Does Ahsoka Tano Showing Up In Andor Make Sense?

The reason why Ahsoka Tano showing up on Andor makes sense is because 5BBY (the Andor timeframe) does run parallel with the very first 7 eps of Rebels when Tano was using the Fulcrum moniker. But that’s not the only connection. 

Ahsoka Tano And Andor

Know that this Fulcrum alias was used by multiple Rebel agents, one of whom was Cassian Andor himself. So since they were both working in 5BBY and also since they used the Fulcrum moniker so Ahsoka could very well train Cassian to be a spy for the Rebels. 

It’s also possible that Ahsoka had played a role in ensuring that Cassian transitioned correctly from a Separatist to a Rebel. Not to mention that Ahsoka could get into a conflict with Cassian too since she was a Jedi but was willing to look for common ground as well with the Separatists. After all in one episode of Clone Wars called ‘Heroes on Both Sides’, she became friends with Separatist Lux Bonteri. Also, it’s possible that she could use him to recruit more Separatists for the Rebels. 

Ahsoka Tano, Fulcrums Kallus And Andor

But now we are just running away with theories. Till this Ahsoka appearing on Andor rumour gets confirmed officially, till then it’s all a rumour. But this is a rumour which makes senses. Also since Disney is looking to create a more shared Star Wars Universe so this move would also be very in line with that plan. But will Ahsoka actually show up? That remains to be seen. 

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