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Alessandra Ambrosio Sizzles In A Revealing Bikini To Promote Her Brand GAL Floripa

By Celeb Staff
March 10,2022

Alessandra Ambrosio has earned the crown of being one of the top supermodels of the world. The 40-year-old beauty has ruled the industry for over 20 years with her stunning looks on magazine covers and fashion campaigns. 

Alessandra is not just a successful model, but also an incredible businesswoman. Recently, the supermodel did a gorgeous shoot to promote her swimwear brand, GAL Floripa. She posted the shots on Instagram as she made the best of her time on a scenic beach last week. 

In a glamorous shot posted on GAL Floripa’s account, Ambrosio wore a light purple Supermoon top that highlighted her toned body. To pair the look, the runway regular wore matching bottoms, displaying her flawless thighs and peachy back. 

For accessories, she used several items of jewelry. Her glamorous brunette hair lay on her shoulders and chest. 

The Victoria’s Secret Angel hung out with another supermodel Jessica Steindorff, who looked breathtaking in a black bikini.

Alessandra Ambrosio’s GAL Floripa

Ambrosio launched GAL Floripa back in 2019. At the same time, the brand’s products were made available for sale to the public.

Her sister Aline and close friend Gisele Coria are the co-founders of the company. 

Alessandra often tries to self-promote her brand by modelling for campaigns and shoots. 

In an interview with People, many people from the fashion industry praised her line. The inspiration behind the swimwear company was she, Aline and Gisele spending their youth in swimwear. 


‘We were always in a swimsuit going from one beach to another and always wanted to have a bikini shop…That was our dream when we were 18,’ she said. 

Ambrosio even looked back to the beginning days where she and her collaborators racked their brains in creating the products. 

‘We chose our favorite cuts for the swimwear and from there chose colors and fabrics. We chose comfortable fabrics that had a little bit of shimmer and they’re a little bit iridescent,’ she stated.

Not only this, the model revealed how GAL Floripa’s products were interchangeable regardless of color or style. 

Alessandra’s main idea behind her brand is that her customers should wear ‘whatever makes your body feel comfortable and gives the nice shape that you’re looking for.’

Ambrosio ended the conversation by saying how she wishes her customers normalised all types of bodies and became more appreciative of one another. 

‘We all have different shapes and need to embrace that. We need to love who we are because that’s all we have anyway,’ she stated.

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