All Evidences That Reveal Venom’s Cameo In Spider-Man: No Way Home

It’s obvious from its record-breaking trailer that Spider-Man: No Way Home will smash box office records when it debuts later this year.   With a

By Mabel Judith Andrady
October 8,2021
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It’s obvious from its record-breaking trailer that Spider-Man: No Way Home will smash box office records when it debuts later this year.   With a huge opening weekend at the box office, Venom: Let There Be Carnage just made its debut. There was a record-breaking amount of people who saw it, surpassing both the original films and pandemic-era marks. Everything around Spider-Man, Sony is finding out, is a money-making machine in and of itself.

Even yet, word-of-mouth regarding the film’s post-credits scene has definitely been beneficial. Eddie Brock and Venom are shown lounging about a hotel room in doubt. Venom offers to use his hivemind link to show Brock what other symbiotes have experienced. Things begin to tremble, lights flash, and suddenly nothing remains: they’ve landed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To which Venom replies, “that man” and begins to kick the screen. So, can Spider-Man: No Way Home viewers look forward to seeing Tom Hardy’s Venom there?

Debates For Venom In No Way Home

Spiderman And Venom

Be aware that apart from what has been seen in the trailer, everything that follows is just conjecture.  The setting of the tease is one of the most telling signs that Venom will make a cameo later this year. Knowing that Spider-Man: No Way Home would introduce many additional villains in a similar manner, makes the inclusion of Venom in the MCU even more suspicious.

Prior to No Way Home’s release, Sony promised that “even more would be revealed,” hinting that the film will provide insight on how characters like Venom and Spider-Man, may be linked together. Even though Venom isn’t a regular member of the Sinister Six, it hasn’t stopped Sony from making him a part of their own version of the team.

The irony is that, with all the villains expected to arrive, Spider-Man: No Way Home could easily assemble its own temporary team for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to face. At least five candidates seemed to have strong foundations based on the trailer. Dr. Ock is played by Alfred Molina, while the Green Goblin is portrayed by Willem Dafoe. Electro is played by Jamie Foxx, while Thomas Haden Church and Rhys Ifan play the Sandman and Lizard respectively. Now we’re up to five. But who’s the sixth?

Venom 2
Venom 2

For quite some time, Sony has wanted to make a Sinister Six movie. You might say that The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s failure was due to its attempt to achieve this objective. However, as of late, it seems as if this objective is still on the table. Although Rhino has been mentioned in the past, none of the other five villains have received as much attention. If Venom and Spider-Man are connected, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Tom Hardy appear in the movie.

But why would Eddie Brock want to be a part of such a sinister entity? At that moment, evil-doing would have been the last thing Brock wanted if there was a hivemind link to Spider-Man. Because of this, it’s possible that Venom won’t make an appearance this time around after all.

Debates Against No Way Home

Spider-Man No Way Home Andrew Garfield

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, there’s a lot happening at the same time. In addition to the Doctor Strange stuff, there are at least five more villains that have been regularly reported to feature in the film. There are also two Spider-Men who may appear. To put it another way, it’s possible that Tom Hardy’s character won’t have enough time to explain all that’s going on.

For example, in the post-credits sequence, viewers were given access to symbiote hivemind information that had never been shown before. In a film as jam-packed as Spider-Man: No Way Home, that’s a lot to explain and fill out. By just introducing Venom into the mix, the picture runs the risk of confusing and confusing the viewer.

He’s not connected to Spider-Man in any way, unlike the other alleged villains, who all had movies based on them. Then there’s the fact that each of them has a personal connection to one of the two alleged Spider-Men who will be back. Even without Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, or Tobey Maguire, Venom is a one-man show. He just doesn’t seem to belong with the rest of the baddies. Venom: Let There Be Carnage’s recent success has lifted Tom Hardy’s symbiote to a new level for Sony, as well.

Venom Spiderman

The studio will want Venom and Spider-Man’s meeting to be a separate event since a movie will be required to explain all that has happened between the two. Is it correct to say that Tom Hardy’s presence has no effect on the other characters, such as Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock? The truth is, they might have all arrived at the same time by accident or by using the same technique.

Notably, Hardy was at a getaway hotel distant from New York City, where the rest of the bad guys would have most certainly shown up. When Strange’s spell went horribly wrong, Venom may be the unintended collateral damage. That means it could go undetected for a long time.

Here’s What’s Next For Venom & Spider-Man

Venom Spider-Man

So, it’s possible that Venom will be released in December for fans to view. He might follow in the footsteps of Alfred Molina and Willem Dafoe by taking on Tom Holland, further destabilizing his existence. If that’s not the case, everyone’s favorite symbiote is now more likely than ever to emerge in a post-credits scene. If this happens, it may hint at a showdown between Hardy and Holland that fans will witness after this year.

Concerning the subject matter of their fights, apart from each other, the explanation may lay in what Venom ate just before crossing over. Venom ate In the end, what does it even mean to eat a symbiote? After a battle between the two, they’ll band together to protect everyone in the area from Carnage. He is likely to have escaped Venom’s grasp and seek another host. Anyone up for a rematch with Cletus Kasady?