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Altered Version of Green Goblin Scene Released By No Way Home

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 12,2022

The film Spider-Man: No Way Home is a major step forward for the MCU. The film has allowed for the inclusion of characters from other universes. It includes both Maguire’s and Garfield’s versions of the web-slinger, along with some of their fearsome adversaries. These include Jamie Foxx’s Electro and Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin.

NWH was well-received by critics and audiences alike for its multiverse-spanning stakes. This, and that it went on to gross over $1 billion worldwide. The BAFTAs will not recognize Sony’s recent campaign for critical recognition because of a recent blunder by the company.

Although the film has hit a snag, the future of Spider-Man: No Way Home looks bright. Furthermore, it may even reignite hopes for Garfield to return to the role permanently. On February 28, NWH will be available on streaming platforms for fans eager to rewatch the film, though some scenes may be slightly different.

Green Goblin Scene in Two Different Forms



In the theatrical version of Spider-Man: No Way Home, there are two different edits of a scene that have recently surfaced on Twitter from the account @ThisDrinkIlike1. When Norman Osborn confronts the Green Goblin voice in his head (in both versions), it’s a little different.

Cuts between Osborn and the Goblin mask appear more frequently in the first edit. This is rougher and more indicative of the voice in his head. Second, the mask stays on Osborn’s face for a longer period. This allows the Goblin’s voice to extend beyond the mask’s image.

Green Goblin’s Conflicted Confrontation And The Update

Nerfed Green Goblin
Marvel Studios

What’s the reason for the two separate scenes? Sony appears to be making changes to Spider-Man: No Way Home based on the differences between the edits.

According to a tweet from @5150Aamrit, the changes fans have noticed are due to Sony sending out new edits for newer prints of the film. A reference to Spider-Man: Far From Home’s extended theatrical version is also made in the post. This raises the possibility of a similar re-release for No Way Home.

Sony hasn’t announced or even rumored a sequel. However, it doesn’t seem impossible, especially if they want to capitalize on the film’s box office success. Despite the pandemic, this strategy has proven successful in the past, helping Avatar and Avengers: Endgame compete for the highest-grossing film of all time.

That Sony is still updating the film is intriguing usually because it indicates a desire to correct minor issues with the film. No one knows why the studio is making these alterations to such an enormously popular movie, but it’s possible — and even likely — that other minor details have been rearranged. Regardless of whether, or not No Way Home gets a theatrically expanded cut, the version that will be available on streaming platforms in February may still be slightly re-edited.

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