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Amanda Holden Undresses On A Massage Table

By Alankar Nayak
December 6,2021

Amanda Holden, a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, looked stunning in her recent pampering session, which she documented on Instagram.

The blonde bombshell, who isn’t afraid to flaunt her stunning body on social media, covered her chest with a star emoji as she posed comfortably on her massage table. Amanda, 50, showed off her toned back while tying her golden locks into a bun, staring directly into the camera lens.

Amanda Holden

The singer, who has been on a weekend getaway with family and friends, also had her masseuse pose for a photo next to her as she thanked the spa for their efforts. Amanda posed topless for her legions of followers on social media.


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Amanda has undoubtedly made the most of her time away, slipping into a tight black bikini for a dip in the frigid water on Saturday. Mother-of-two Amanda was joined by her gal pals Lisa Faulkner and Sarah Parish as they braved the freezing waves together, flaunting her toned and youthful figure in the black one-piece with a plunging neckline.


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Amanda, who shared the video with her 1.8 million followers, also told her admirers that she would sip some of her Marks and Spencer’s gin as soon as she got out of the sea.

“What I’m going to do,” Amanda exclaimed, whipping off her towel, “is have a tiny bit of it after I come out of the sea on a freezing December day!” When she stepped out of the water, the star replied, “Whatever you do this Christmas, start with gin!” The news follows the TV personality’s recent interview with the Mirror about what she considers to be a happy marriage.


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Amanda, who married Chris Hughes in 2008, remarked, “Oh god, I really like Chris.” We’ll be eating dinner in a restaurant, he’ll walk to the restroom, and I’ll glance up, see a man, think “he’s fit,” and then realise “f***, that’s my husband!” “I still have feelings for him!”

“He challenges me, and I challenge him, and I believe that’s the key to a happy marriage.”

Source: Daily Star

Instagram: Amanda Holden

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