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Amber Heard Fires Her PR Over Disorder Callout And Fan Petition

By Abraham George
May 4,2022

She hired a new PR team after a psychologist who testified for Johnny Depp said she had borderline personality disorder (BPD) and histrionic personality disorder, which are both types of personality disorders (HPD). The two conditions are both marked by unstable relationships and being overly dramatic, manipulative, and obsessed with how people look. Courts heard last Thursday that Dr. Curry told the court that Heard’s BPD and instability were caused by a fear of being left behind. She also said that people with BPD might resort to “extreme behaviour” as they try to avoid being abandoned. ‘As I understand it, Dr. Curry’s testimony was the last straw.’

Amber Heard, pictured in court as week four of the trial kicked off Monday, fired her PR team

Amber Heard, pictured in court as week four of the trial kicked off Monday, fired her PR team.

It’s not just that Depp’s team is painting Heard as angry at him. They are painting her as crazy. Source: “That was too much for her, so she fired her PRs.” Shane Communications is a consulting firm based in Los Angeles. Heard is said to have left her PR firm Precision Strategies, to work there. She made the move in the hope that she would get more attention this week, when she is expected to take the stand and testify. Unnamed sources told the New York Post, which first broke the news, “She doesn’t like bad headlines,” said one source.

Another source told the newspaper that Heard, a mom-of-one, is angry that her story isn’t being told well. After hearing Depp’s testimony last week, a petition calling for his ex-wife to be removed from the upcoming superhero movie Aquaman 2 reached three million signatures on Monday, which is a lot of people. Supporters of the actor are begging DC and Warner Bros. to remove the actress from the sequel because of the shocking domestic abuse claims that have been made in court in the last few weeks.

Heard has become frustrated with Depp's team 'painting her as crazy'

Heard has become frustrated with Depp’s team ‘painting her as crazy’

Heard played Mera in the original movie with Jason Momoa and Nicole Kidman in 2018, along with Nicole Kidman, too. People who like Johnny Depp, are now calling for Heard to be cut from Aquaman 2, which is set to come out next March. Depp was dropped by Disney after Heard said he had domestically abused her in the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Critics think she should be punished the same way Depp was when he was dropped by Disney. “I will not go to see Aquaman 2 if Amber is in it,” one fan said. It doesn’t make sense for me to support a project that fires the victim and keeps the abuser in their movies. In Aquaman 2, Amber Heard will only be on screen for 10 minutes. Another person said: “I don’t care if her screen time is cut to 10 minutes.” I won’t watch it until they make it 0.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million, claiming that she defamed him and ruined his career after a Washington Post article in 2018 in which she said that she was a “public figure representing domestic abuse,” but did not name him. Heard is suing back for $100 million. She has watched as the actor has made a lot of claims about her behavior during their troubled relationship up until now. Amber Heard has been accused of domestic abuse by Johnny Depp in a petition. If it gets 4,500,000 signatures on, it will be one of the most popular on the site.

A petition calling for Amber Heard to be axed from the upcoming Aquaman 2 film has passed three million signatures

A petition calling for Amber Heard to be axed from the upcoming Aquaman 2 film has passed three million signatures.

It was Amber Heard who shattered Johnny Depp’s finger with a vodka bottle, and he had to have surgery to reattach it. Johnny Depp’s lawsuit talks about a lot of domestic violence that happened to him when Amber Heard was his wife. Because of that, he will always have a scar. It goes on to say that men are also victims of domestic abuse, just like women. This must be taken seriously, and action must be taken to stop a known abuser from being celebrated in the entertainment business. Do what is right. Make Aquaman 2 with Amber Heard not there.

So far, Johnny Depp has said that he was a victim of domestic abuse during his four days of testimony in Virginia, which began on April 11 and is set to last for three more weeks. His bodyguard even described in detail the wounds to his face that he says he sustained during the fight with Amber Heard. Following a few days of testimony from Depp witnesses, the PR firm changed its clients. The social media mob suddenly turned against Heard, and the PR firm changed its clients. Heard’s reputation as a philanthropist took a hit when it was said that she didn’t give $3.5 million of her divorce settlement to charity, which she had said she would do.