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Amy Christophers Looks Stunning In Her New Plus-Size Lingerie

By Alankar Nayak
November 12,2021

Amy Christopher, the 35-year-old actress has released her line, Dear Scantilly by Curvy Kate, in which she encourages women to “enjoy their curves”. Her Leave them on Red campaign is designed to empower women in gorgeous underwear, not simply for their partners.

It’s a myth that women wear lingerie for guys – but I wear it for me,” Amy stated in an interview with The Sun.”When I’m working in a male-dominated setting, knowing that I’m wearing a pair of high-quality underwear improves my self-confidence.”

Amy Christophers/Dear Scantilly/Amy Christophers

Amy Christophers/Dear Scantilly/Amy Christophers

After a courageous TV marriage, Amy’s marriage to a stranger crumbled. Since then, she has been focused on herself and feels this ad is a good fit for her attitude toward partnerships. To be able to ignore messages from possible love prospects because you’re “busy doing you,” as she puts it, you have to feel good about yourself.

Amy, on the other hand, claims she isn’t interested in dating anyone at the moment. There’s no way Amy would be able to meet someone because she’s single, she claimed.”I’m occupied with my affairs. This is the last time I’ll be hunting for Prince Charming.

Amy Christophers/Dear Scantilly/Amy Christophers

Amy Christophers/Dear Scantilly/Amy Christophers

Because she wants women to feel confident and attractive in their skin, Amy’s DD+ line has bright red lipsticks to help them embrace their inner sex goddess. She continued: “Being larger busted means it’s hard to find nice underwear that’s still functional and makes you feel gorgeous. It’s a struggle.” My go-to moisturizer is Sheer.

When it comes to Dear Scantilly, I’m a big fan because they understand it, and that is exactly what “Leave Them On Red” is all about.”This organization represents everything I believe in! ‘” Wearing lingerie is all about celebrating your curves in all their glory. To collaborate with such an inspiring company is an honor.”

Amy Christophers

In these unreleased images, she showed off her buttocks.
Credit: Christophers/Dear Scantilly/Amy Christophers

In Dear Scantilly’s words, “We thought Amy was appropriate to lead our Leave Them On Red campaign since she is a strong, fiery woman who recognizes the value of remaining in her control.”She looks even better in her bikini!” says a friend.

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