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Amy Willerton Flaunts Her Enviable Body In A Seductive Red Lingerie 

By Alankar Nayak
February 9,2022

Amy Willerton, 29, put her years of skill to the test on Monday, when she posed for Lipsy London. For the sultry new shot, the fitness model changed into a provocative red lingerie set ahead of Valentine’s Day. While posing in the toilet, she flaunted her enormous endowments in an embroidered balcony bra with a gold clasp in the front.

Amy paired her knickers with a matching pair of cut-out knickers that she drew up to her hips to emphasize her petite waist. Her beautiful caramel tresses were styled in lovely curls that cascaded down to her bust. Then I’m a Celeb star opted for a gentle cosmetics palette with a subtle sweep of bronze eyeshadow to highlight her natural beauty.

Amy Willerton

Instagram/Amy Willerton

Amy reached out to fellow model Katie Price in September, as the star began yet another time in treatment. Amy, who won the 2012 television show Signed by Katie Price, said she wanted to do everything she could to support Katie, who was arrested for drunk driving this week. mother-of-five Katie, 43, was photographed in the passenger seat of her father’s car on her way to recovery at London’s The Priory clinic.

Instagram/Amy Willerton

She wrote of their tumultuous relationship, stating: ‘When I read the statement from Kate’s family, a flood of emotions came flooding back. I didn’t instantly think of making a social media post… instead, I thought of you, your family, and how much it would have cost to travel here.’

‘They were always so lovely to me,’ Amy continued. Even when I did not deserve it at times. One thing I am certain of from our interactions is how much they adored you, were in wonder and appreciation of the tremendous things you have accomplished, and will always be your loyal army in the face of what can be a sea of leeches.’

Instagram/Amy Willerton

‘It’s the same for both of us in that no matter how messed up life gets, we’ve always been fortunate enough to have the love of our families to catch us when we fall, and that’s why I know, I truly believe, that you are going to be fine and that you absolutely can get through whatever you’re going through.’

‘Do not allow the world to exploit you or to convince you that you must appear. Please, simply get well, set aside expectations and dignity, and do whatever it takes to wake up happy in the morning.’ That is the most critical matter on the planet.’

Source: Instagram/Amy Willerton

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