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An Eternals 2 Theory Explains Thanos’ Role In the Anticipated Sequel

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 17,2022

Among the many Eternals 2 theories, this one certainly hits home. Eternals, Chloé Zhao’s latest addition to the MCU, has just been released on Disney+, making it available to everyone. Regarding the Celestials’ past and present, this film is full of innovative ideas. Not to mention Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman.

Since Avengers: Endgame, few films have opened as many doors as this one does. There are a lot of teases in the post-credits sequence, including a team-up between the Black Knight and the Blade. Aside from the warning from Arishem, there’s also the possibility of a new Galactus storyline. Harry Styles’ Eros, according to many fans, was the most important piece Eternals put on the board for future use. In the first post-credits scene, the character can be seen teleporting into the Domo with Patton Oswalt’s Pip the Troll.

An interesting discovery is made upon his arrival: the new Eternal is the brother of Thanos, the Mad Titan responsible for wiping out half of all life on Earth for half a decade. According to Eternals’ co-writer Kaz Firpo, Josh Brolin’s Thanos is “no way” to produce sequels without at least some involvement from Brolin.

“I believe that there is no way that you can do Eternals 2 and 3 without somehow touching on Mr. Brolin.”

How might Josh Brolin reprise Thanos’ role in a possible Eternals 2 movie?

Mad Titan’s Humble Beginnings



The Mad Titan’s first and most obvious role is in Eros’ past. This could shed light on one of the most important characters in the MCU, along with his recently introduced brother. The public is aware that Thanos is descended from the Titans. They are familiar with his succinct account of what transpired thanks to his speech in Avengers: Infinity War. The question remains, however: What exactly happened here? To whom are the Eternals related?

A lot of this could have been done to give Eros, a new character introduced in the sequel, a better sense of who he is. A mystery surrounds him, and no one can figure out what he’s up to. There must be a connection between what he’s doing and his brother, a relationship he flaunts to everyone he meets. Starfox’s backstory could help explain Thanos’ motivations for balancing the universe. This is something the Celestials claim they were doing when creating new beings out of planets. Resurrection follows as the next possibility.

Restoring the Herald of Balance

Chloe Zhao

Chloe Zhao at the Oscars

Thanos can be resurrected in Chloé Zhao’s cosmic epic, Eternals 2. To begin, assuming that Thanos is an Eternal like in the comics, it must be determined whether he and his brother are synthetic or biological beings. The name “Eternal” implies that Thanos will return at some point, regardless of which one it is.

Everything about the Eternals’ actions revolves around their constant reentry into the world of the living. Arishem or someone else could use the World Forge to recreate Thanos if he was synthetic. A further explanation would be required if he is organic. However, the status of his memories being retained or not would also necessitate further investigation. In any case, given that he’s the Mad Titan, his aims will almost certainly be the same as they were in Infinity War. The question is, if Thanos is on their side, will they be successful?

With no mention of Celestials in sight for years, the Mad Titan could wreak havoc. As a result, he would have broken out of the rut that characters like Makkari and Druig were stuck in until the end of their debut films. Whether, if his memories are intact, this new Thanos would be on the side of the film’s protagonists if Eternals vs. Celestials is the case.

But if he has no recollection of his previous life as a god, a new Thanos could end up siding with the Celestials. There is a possibility that Josh Brolin’s supervillain will serve as the Celestials’ personal deputy Eternal, much like the Silver Surfer does for Galactus in the comic books.

Thanos’ Brother and His Many Mysteries



There’s always a chance. Starfox’s proud declarations that he is related to being responsible for wiping out half the universe are an act of denial and self-control. People are going to look at you differently if you claim to be related to Thanos, after all. For Eros to get a head start, he’s simply revealing his family tree online.

A significant weight would be placed on his shoulders if he felt guilty about his brother’s behavior and felt compelled to keep up appearances. Suppose that chip was Josh Brolin’s character taunting Eros as an unseen vision to the rest of us.

If true, it could shed light on Harry Styles’ relationship with his late brother as well as his forthcoming album Eternal. It’s possible that Thanos’ method of destruction has influenced Eros’ current travel style. To make up for his transgressions, he may be going around helping others. Because of his connections to the Marvel Universe, Thanos’ inclusion in Eternals 2 could serve as an interesting storytelling device.

Thanos’ Long-term Prospects



It’s hard to believe that Marvel Studios hasn’t been looking for a reason to bring back Josh Brolin’s Thanos. Introducing his brother seems like an obvious choice. There is no doubt that a sequel would be impossible without the infamous villain appearing in one way or another. Fans may be concerned that if he were to be resurrected, it would diminish the impact he has had on the world.

Marvel would have to take care to avoid repetition and prevent Thanos from simply repeating what he did the previous time. This would necessitate the Mad Titan devising a new status quo. Notwithstanding, the previously mentioned notion of him serving as a herald to a Celestial. Either that or the villain may only appear in flashbacks. In this case, the resurrection won’t detract from the character’s previous appearances. It’s never a bad idea to see more Josh Brolin.

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