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Andor Episode 9 Slides In A Princess Leia And New Hope Parallel

Andor has referenced quite a few Star Wars characters before. But this parallel with A New Hope will chill your bones

By Ishita Chatterjee
November 5,2022

Andor has been steadily climbing the charts of popularity among Star Wars fans. Even though it was initially dismissed as boring, the show is now loved by fans who wanted a deeper exploration of the Empire. But along with its great themes, Andor brings plenty of references to characters and scenes we have seen before. In the recent episode, the show referenced the movie and the character we all love.

Andor References A New Hope

Star Wars A New Hope

Star Wars A New Hope

Andor has proven to be a Star Wars show unlike any other we have seen till now. It is diving deep into the authoritarian and fascist workings of the Empire and showcasing the indomitable spirit and smartness of the Rebels.

It’s also a show that knows fans love to see little references to other Star Wars media. And it gifted one in the latest episode. In episode 9 there’s a scene where we see Dr. Gorst start torturing Bix. But we aren’t shown the torture. Instead, the scene immediately cuts to the huge sliding door closing and then we see an Imperial walking.

This scene exactly mirrors the one in A New Hope where Leia is getting tortured ruthlessly by Darth Vader. There too, we don’t see the torture. Instead, the door slides off and we cut to an Imperial just walking. It’s also a neat reference to how the torture mechanisms haven’t changed, and also how no mercy is shown to the Rebels.

Star Wars Characters Have Been Referenced Before

Plo Koon

Plo Koon

This isn’t Andor’s first reference to the wider Star Wars universe. It recently subtly referenced Ahsoka as well. In the scene where Luthen is listening in on Rebel communications, he is technically listening to Ahsoka, who was operating as Fulcrum during that period.

Along with this, in episode 4 there’s a reference to Plo Moon’s mask as well. We see this in Luthen’s shop since he has the public disguise of being an antique dealer. Now, the mask seems similar to a antiox mask, but during Clone Wars, Plo Koon was really the one and only known Kel-Dor Jedi. As such, it makes sense that it was indeed his mask.

What did you think about this A New Hope reference? Did you find any more? Let us know.