Andor Surpasses HoTD on Most In-Demand New Series List

Star Wars: Andor has grown slightly more in popularity than House of the Dragon recently. Let’s see how successful is Andor.

By Pratyush Singh
December 1,2022
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Andor surpassing House of the Dragon is not too much surprising as the Star Wars series just ended last week with 12 episodes in the first season. On the other hand, House of the Dragon had 10 episodes and ended weeks before Andor. Yet, finally, now that the Game of Thrones prequel’s heat has been cooled down, Star Wars: Andor has taken over as the most in-demand new series according to Parrot Analytics’ data.

Parrot Analytics is the market leader in measuring worldwide viewer demand. The organisation tracks worldwide entertainment market forces, recording over 2 billion people indicating the high demand for media and performers in over 100 languages, throughout all platforms, in 200+ nations.

Let’s look at the statistics to learn how much has Andor overperformed House of the Dragon.


Most In-Demand Series Statistics As Per Parrot Analytics

Andor ranks first in most in-demand shows by Parrot Analytics
Andor ranks first in most in-demand shows by Parrot Analytics

“Andor” from Disney+ has finally surpassed HBO’s “House of the Dragon” to win the top place in the weekly list of new programs. As per Parrot Insights, traffic for the “Star Wars” spinoff increased by 7% this week to 37.7 times the typical demand, taking into consideration marketing research, watching live, downloads, and social networking interaction, among other factors. With the season’s 12th and final episode premiering on November 23, the programme has the capacity to go even higher.

The notion that every new “Star Wars” trilogy draws a smaller viewership raises concerns about brand weariness and declining revenues. While “Andor” is now in great demand, it nevertheless trails below past live-action “Star Wars” series in terms of popularity. “The Mandalorian’s” popularity skyrocketed in both its first and second seasons. During its first season, “The Book of Boba Fett” had consistently larger demand than “Andor.”


Andor Season 2 Is Already Under Production

Star Wars Andor
Star Wars Andor

Andor debuted on Disney+ on September 21, 2022, with three episodes released on the same day. Following that, fresh episodes were released every Wednesday. The series earned positive reviews from critics and was acclaimed for its director, writing, and acting. In addition, the prequel series has a darker and more adult tone than past Star Wars efforts.

Season 2 will wrap off the series and lead into the happenings of the Rogue One film. The series takes place five years before the 2016 film and features an ensemble cast as a Rebel Alliance forms in resistance to the Galactic Empire. Cassian Andor is one of these individuals. He is a robber who later becomes a hero and enters the Rebellion.