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Andrew Garfield Fans Campaign Received A Response From SONY

By Muskan Singhal
March 23,2022

Recently, the latest Spider-Man movie hit the theatres and there is no denying the fact that “Spider-Man: No Way Home” had the most unimaginable twist in it ever. Its been almost a month since the movie has been put down from the theatre but the whole plot, the twist, and the remarkable appearance made by some actors are still fresh in the audience’s mind.

Tom holland’s third movie as a Spider-Man had all three generations of Peter Parker. the movie was also a debut film for Charlie Cox in MCU Universe as he made an appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home as “Matt Murdock”. 



It is safe to say that the Marvel universe is in the chaos period right now and it is at its peak, especially this year. considering new marvel heroes are being introduced and the new phase is in rebuilding state and not to forget about “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” as well as “ Thor love and thunder” is also soon going to be released which obviously which reveal things that will make it more mind-boggling.

Now, back to the Spider-Man franchise, the latest release is yet to have a full stop in chatters about it. Fans are still astonished to see there all three favorite Peter Parker together in one frame and they are just overwhelmed to see them in action.

Besides, fans of all three actors also seemed extremely profound while playing their iconic roles once again on screen. Meanwhile, Tom Holland prefers to keep playing his college boy with a secret identity role on screen.

Sources have informed our very first ever Spider-Man AKA Tobey Maguire might be seen as a Spider-Man in Doctor Strange 2 although nothing is confirmed. Now the only one left is Andrew Garfield who definitely was a show-stealer in the “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and his demand for the role has just been increasing since December as he made a comeback in his iconic role.

Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man: No Way Home

As Andrew Garfield has been receiving praises from all around the world for his phenomenal performance. The talk about the possibility of “Amazing Spider-Man 3″ happening can be heard around. The fans of the Spider-Man franchise as well as Andrew’s fans too are demanding to have”Amazing Spider-Man 3” been made.

Andrew Garfield Teases Spider-Man Future After No Way Home

Andrew Garfield Teases Spider-Man Future After No Way Home

A campaign is started by fans for #MakeTASM3 on Twitter and it is one of the most trending pages till now. Not just that the campaign has also received approval as well as “full support” of  Tom Holland too.

Talking about the same context Garfield had admitted that ” he has No Plans to return to the role again”. Although, during the No Way Home marketing planning he has also stated that people might not believe his statement from now on as it has made him a liar “everyone call [him] a liar for the rest of [his] life.” 

SONY Talks About Garfield’s Fans Campaign #TASM3

Recently, SONY has been acknowledging TASM peter parker a lot. While back in 2014, SONY didn’t have many plans for The Amazing Spider-Man franchise but now as the demand and popularity of Andrew Garfield is surfing through the internet things might take a turn for it.

Although SONY hasn’t declared anything official about it yet their social handle is for sure keeping an eye on the activities related to TASM. A few days back their official handle has made a comment on the #TASM3 movement on Twitter.

“We have plans for you, Peter Parker.”

but a decision is yet to be made and announce. All things considered, Sony has considerably more to acquire from The Amazing Spider-Man 3.
The initial two Amazing Spider-Man films created more than $700 million in the overall film industry, and interest in the web-slinger has just expanded since. Indeed, even as Garfield’s future remaining parts unsure, Sony is particularly mindful of the income potential from a third Amazing Spider-Man film.


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