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Andrew Garfield’s TASM 3 Receives Support From MCU Star Tom Holland

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 4,2022

With NWH commanding a steady share of the market, box office success shows no signs of slowing. Andrew Garfield’s TASM films, as well as Tobey Maguire’s three Spider-Man films, were all woven together in Marvel Studios’ threequel.

For the first time in years, more than two dozen characters from previous Spider-Man films appeared in this film. NWH’s success at the box office and critical acclaim sparked a wave of support from fans who wanted to see more modernized versions of the web-slinger’s tales.

No dates have been set for Spider-Man 4 for Tobey Maguire or TASM 3 for Andrew Garfield. Nonetheless, online initiatives to support their production have already begun. A new voice in favor of a third Garfield film has emerged, and it’s none other than the man who plays the MCU’s web-slinger.

ASM 3 Gets A Thumbs Up From Tom Holland

Tom Holland

Tom Holland

Tom Holland expressed his support for Sony Pictures making TASM 3 in an interview with Brandon Davis on ComicBook’s Phase Zero Podcast.

Andrew Garfield’s MCU debut was a highlight for actor Tom Holland. The former actor expressed that he loved seeing Garfield “make amends with the character and the studio”. Garfield’s ASM solo franchise would have Holland’s “full support” if Sony were ever to recommence Garfield’s story:

“I think what was so wonderful was how Andrew was able to kind of make amends with the character and the studio, you know, to kind of win the general public back. That scene where he saved Zendaya, the fan reactions in the theater was so spectacular. So should Sony decide to do that, they would have my full support, and obviously, so would Andrew.”

Holland Supports Garfield’s Spidey Future 

Andrew Garfield Teases Spider-Man Future After No Way Home

Andrew Garfield Teases Spider-Man Future After No Way Home

Demands from fans for long-anticipated films are nothing new, especially after the success of films like Zack Snyder’s Justice League. This may not be the case for Garfield’s TASM franchise. However, having the MCU’s own Spider-Man publicly support the movement is a good thing for Garfield.

Holland hasn’t held back when it comes to talking about the great times he had on the set of NWH with both Maguire and Garfield. However, Marvel Studios’ Spidey veteran gave fans a peek at a private group chat with both Maguire and Garfield. Furthermore, he also brought to light his best memories from their five combined solo films.

After seven years away from the role of Spidey, Garfield returned to the MCU as “Peter 3”. Without a doubt, fans were blown away by his joy and enthusiasm. Aside from his obvious chemistry with Holland, Zendaya, and others, it was a rare opportunity for him to provide insight into how his take on the web-slinger evolved.

What’s more, with Garfield’s schedule getting busier, the dilemma now is whether fans’ calls for TASM 3 will result in the film actually being made. With Spider-Man back in the public eye, Holland’s support can’t be overstated, no matter what happens.

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