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Andrew Kim Reveals Harsh Truth About Deadpool’s Shang-Chi Cameo

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 9,2022

It’s only a matter of time before we see another Deadpool movie in theaters. In 2019, Disney acquired Fox in a monster deal that included the well-known Marvel character. The X-Men and the Fantastic Four will join the Merc with a Mouth at Marvel Studios. While Deadpool 3 is being discussed, many are waiting for Wade Wilson to appear in the MCU.

A Deadpool appearance in Doctor Strange 2 has been speculated about. However, that is just an opinion at this time. Xu Xailing’s Macau fight club anti-hero from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has recently been featured in concept art that has gained notoriety for the character.

As soon as the artwork surfaced, many speculated that Deadpool would be appearing in the upcoming 2021 blockbuster. Well, the artist who created these images has come forward, and his admission may be disappointing to some of his fans.

Shang-Chi Has No Deadpool

In spite of recently revealed concept art, some fans speculated that Deadpool might appear in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. However, according to Marvel Studios concept artist Andrew Kim, that was never the plan.

Andrew Kim Concept Art

Andrew Kim Concept Art

According to the man behind the art, “Deadpool or Proxima weren’t involved in the early going.” However, his PD mentioned that when he was “designing the [Macau] fight club,” “we could see other Marvel characters fighting in the ring.” during the scene.

As a result, the artist decided to pit Proxima Midnight against Deadpool. Here he reasoned that their “dynamic fighting styles could be a perfect fit in the ring”:

“Well, long story short, sorry to disappoint you but there was no involvement of Deadpool or Proxima in the early going. When I was designing the fight club, my PD (production designer) mentioned to me that we could see other Marvel characters fighting in the ring when we first revealed the scene. Deadpool and Proxima was my idea to put in as I thought their dynamic fighting styles could be a perfect fit in the ring like that.(you know, they don’t fly…haha) And Deadpool’s red was a nice pop against the bluish background.”

Is This Really Happening?

That’s all there is to it. Deadpool’s inclusion in Shang-Chi was exciting for fans, but the rumors were unfounded. This concept art was brought to life by Kim as the artist.

He’d be the best person to answer that question! And his rationale for employing the character is sound. It’s easy to see Deadpool and Proxima Midnight’s dynamic ground fighting style in that arena because of the red of their costumes.

If he’s not telling the truth, what then? The whole truth, if not more? When it comes to secret plans for the character, if he is telling the truth, this isn’t a new phenomenon.

It’s possible that the character was originally slated to make his MCU debut but was yanked before filming even began. He might be safe if this is how things went. Even though it seems unlikely, the level of secrecy at Marvel Studios means you never know. Regardless, he didn’t appear in Shang-Chi, and fans are eagerly awaiting his first appearance in the MCU.

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