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Another Russian Colonol Dies In Fiery Shelling Bringing Toll Upto Ten

By Abraham George
April 20,2022

Vladimir Putin‘s savage invasion of Ukraine has claimed the life of yet another colonel. Commander of the 49th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade Colonel Ivan Grishin died of shrapnel wounds to the abdomen. In the vicinity of Kharkiv, he was assassinated. News of the death toll comes as Ukraine’s General Staff says that 20,600 Russian soldiers have been killed in the conflict. Another blow to Vladimir Putin’s bungled invasion of Ukraine came just days ago when Russia lost its eighth general since that conflict.

In St. Petersburg, a military burial was held for Major General Vladimir Frolov, deputy head of the 8th Guards Combined Arms unit. The manner and location of Frolov’s death are unknown, although the closeness of his funeral suggests he was assassinated recently. When Andrei Mordvichev, commander of his 8th Combined Arms Army, was assassinated in Kherson, in Crimea, last month. An MP from Smolensk remarked of Grishin, “Sleep well, dear buddy, your death will not be in vain.” “The men will continue your work and fulfil all the tasks of the special military operation,” Malashchenkov stated.

‘I have no words to describe how difficult it is to lose friends,’ the politician remarked. Ivan held the rank of colonel, and his brigade referred to him as “Dad.” “A true colonel,” the memorial reads. “A nice family man.” Even writing about it aches, I can’t believe it. Meanwhile, the campaign’s youngest known soldier, who was identified only by his DNA, has also been killed in the conflict. Russian teenager Roman Akimov, 18, from the Krasnoyarsk area in Siberia, ‘killed valiantly while executing his military duty during the special operation to free Donbas,’ according to the local district administration.

His posthumous Order of Courage was presented to his bereaved parents, Evgenia and Ivan, on Putin’s orders. It took three weeks before his parents learned of his death via the discovery of his mangled body parts, which could only be recognised through the use of DNA. Despite their smaller numbers, Ukraine’s forces have been able to compensate for this by launching targeted attacks on slow-moving Russian tank battalions, according to the most recent assessments from defence officials in Kyiv.

Colonel Ivan Grishin

Colonel Ivan Grishin

More than 19,000 Russian troops have been killed in Ukraine, according to the Ministry of Defense. Thousands of Russian forces have left the Kyiv region to concentrate their efforts in eastern Ukraine, where they are now resupplied. Some of the Russian military units that have evacuated Kyiv in recent days have been found to be so badly damaged and depleted, according to a senior US defence official, that their combat usefulness has been questioned by the Pentagon.

To put a positive spin on things may be what some analysts are saying, they say, about the focus on the Donbas and the promise of de-escalation: Moscow’s ground forces have been stymied in their attempt to conquer the capital and other important cities, and have suffered terrible losses in the process. Russia’s aim is to minimise military casualties, as evidenced by a 2015 law designating all deaths in war a state secret and criminalising any comment undermining the armed forces last year. The head of the Western Military District’s engineer soldiers, Colonel Nikolay Ovcharenko, was killed in an ambush that resulted in the deaths of a total of 18 Russians.

Alexei Sharov, a Russian Marines colonel, was murdered in Mariupol in March when his unit was ambushed. During fighting earlier this month, Colonel Sergei Sukharev of the Kostroma-based 331st Guards Parachute Assault Regiment was reportedly ‘liquidated,’ according to Ukrainian authorities. According to the Ukrainian statement, the commander of the Kostroma Airborne Regiment, Colonel Sergei Sukharev, got lost in the “military exercises,” but returned home safely.

The report stated that his deputy, Major Sergei Krylov, was also killed in the attack.. Andrei Zakharov and Konstantin Zizevsky, both of whom served as air assault troops, were killed in separate ambushes in the early days of the conflict. A tank was used to run down Russian brigade commander Colonel Yuri Medvedev. Due to massive losses and strategic blunders, Russian Army Commander Gen. Vlaislav Yershov was fired by Putin in late Mach. It was revealed that Lieutenant General Yakov Rezanstev, head of Russia’s southern military district 49th Combined Arms Army, had been killed.

After the Ukrainian army destroyed the command centre of the 49th Russian Army in southern Ukraine, Rezantsev, who boasted that the battle would be ended in a matter of hours, was apparently slain. On March 7th, Major General Vitaly Gerasimov was slain west of the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv while Major General Oleg Mityaev, the commander of the 150th motorised rifle division, was killed fighting near Mariupol.