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Another Doctor Strange Variant’s Appearance Gets Leaked Online

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 2,2022

What could be this other Strange variant’s appearance? The sequel to 2022’s Doctor Strange is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Most of the time, trying to keep up with a film like Spider-Man: No Way Home would be futile. From what we’ve heard so far, Benedict Cumberbatch’s next adventure is going to be quite the ride for his fans.

Of course, the former Sorcerer Supreme will have his bags packed with all manner of Variants even if there aren’t two other Spider-Men (likely). There are countless possibilities for who these characters could be, including Deadpool, Mr. Fantastic, and Wolverine—at the very least, fans know that Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, or a version of him, will appear.

Then there’s the fact that Stephen Strange will have to deal with himself in multiple universes. Defender Strange, one of the most striking characters in the trailer, has already been shown off. Another, seen in the first teaser, appeared to be the same character that appeared in What If…?

There’s a fresh batch of unreleased Funko Pops out now! a character named Supreme Strange, who resembles a statue seen in the trailer, is revealed to be in the film.

Sorcerer Supreme’s Statue Revealed

Statue of Strange

Statue of Strange

New Doctor Strange Funko Pop figures from the Multiverse of Madness were leaked online, and one of them, dubbed “Supreme Strange,” was among them. With a blue and silver outfit, this Strange variant’s appearance lacks his trademark facial hair.

Supreme Strange

His pose and attire look a lot like a huge statue of the protagonist seen in trailers for the film, if you’re paying attention. The chances are good that they are one and the same. Is he, however, a complete unknown to the general public? The first teaser showed an evil-looking sorcerer. Is this the same person we first saw? The character’s anti-hero counterpart in What if…?, who goes by the name “Strange Supreme,” wears a collar with a flamboyant design.

Another Strange One Makes Their Entrance

The Ancient One in What If...?

The Ancient One

A lot of people might still think that this character is the same one from Marvel Studios’ animated film. How would you feel if… Given the similarity in appearance and name, this connection makes sense, but some of the logistics do not.

First, his episode on Disney+ spanned the entirety of his universe-ending journey. There’s no need to squeeze in a meeting with Strange-prime and the Multiverse before that. He also has a different color scheme going on in his outfit for this “Supreme Strange,” who is completely clean-shaven.

Regardless of who Supreme Strange is, his role in the upcoming adventure appears to be one of those surprises. Fans can expect him to play a significant role in the story, given his prominence among the first wave of Funkos.

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