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Ant-Man 3 Will Feature A Superpowered Rebel Group Fighting Kang

New character description and actor casting reveals the emergence of a rebel faction in Ant-Man 3. Click on to read more

By Ishita Chatterjee
November 29,2022

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will kickstart Phase 5 of the MCU. It’s set for a February 2023 release and by now we know almost the entire cast of the movie. Recently, it was even revealed that Agents of S.H.I.EL.D and Ant-Man 1 and 2 alums are part of the cast as well. And now, we know a major plot point as well another important character in the Ant-Man 3 movie. Scroll to know the details.

A Telepath Joins Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania Cast

William Jackson Harper

William Jackson Harper

Twitter scooper Daniel Ritchman has revealed that William Jackson Harper is part of the cast of Ant-Man 3. As per the leaker, he is playing a character called “Quaz” who is a telepath and part of a rebel group formed to counteract Kang.

Recently, it was revealed that Katy O’Brian is a part of Ant-Man 3 as well. Her character details are not known for now, but many are theorizing that she’s part of a cult that worships Kang. If that turns out to be true, then Harper’s character will be a great contrast to her.

Previously, it was revealed that Kang has been stuck in the Quantum realm for a long time. As such, it makes sense that he will have beings and groups opposing him. It remains to be seen what he has done that’s making Quaz oppose him. Also, since he’s a telepath so he already knows of Kang’s actual intentions. This knowledge might make him side with Scott and his team in am effort to prevent Kang from accomplishing his goals.

Who Is Quaz In Ant-Man 3?



As per Ritchman, William Jackson Harper is playing Quaz. But such a character with telepathic powers doesn’t exist in the pages of Marvel comics. So it seems like he’s an original character created for Ant-Man 3. But the MCU fandom seems to think that he might be inspired by a character called Quasar.

Quasar is the codename of Wendell Vaughn. He was an army lieutenant who later on joined the S.H.I.E.L.D Academy. One day when he was on guard duty for a Stark project dedicated to studying the “Quantum Bands”, there was an A.I.M organization raid. They wanted to steal and go off with the energy-bands. But Vaughn put those on to protect them from the criminals. Ultimately, he was successful in thwarting the invasion and also controlling the energy of the Bands.

As such, it makes sense that Quasar with the Quantum Bands will be in a movie taking place in the Quantum realm. However, Quasar doesn’t have telepathic abilities. Instead, he can repel telepathic waves with his Bands. So, only February 2023 will tell if William Jackson Harper is playing Quasar or an original character.

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