Ant-Man 3 Writer Used THIS Marvel Character As Inspiration For The Movie
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Ant-Man 3 Writer Used THIS Marvel Character As Inspiration For The Movie

Ant-Man 3 took inspiration from a special Marvel character to set up the stakes of the film and Scott Lang’s fight with Kang

By Ishita Chatterjee
January 27,2023

“Ant-Man 3” will soon be released in theaters. So Marvel Studios has geared up promotions for the movie. In the film we will see Scott Lang face off against Kang. This will be the first time we will see Scott Lang face a villain of Kang’s size and power.

Generally, Ant-Man films are palate cleansers after a big Marvel event since they feature low-stakes and not-really-compelling villains. However, this time it’s different. And to make a different Ant-Man film, writer Jeff Loveness had to look at a Marvel character who is like Scott but goes through high stakes problems- Spider-Man.

Ant-Man 3 Writer Used Spider-Man As Inspiration

Tom Holland As Spiderman

Tom Holland As Spiderman

In the latest SFX Magazine issue, Jeff Loveness shared the medias and characters who served as inspirations for Ant-Man 3. He said that among Marvel characters he looked at Spider-Man for inspiration since horrible events are always plaguing him, but he’s always funny and charming. He said:

“Spider-Man does that better than anyone. He has such personal problems and such horrible things happening to him, but the basic drumbeat is always upbeat and funny and the character’s charming, so you kind of stumble along with him. I used that as a blueprint, to try to embody those Marvel comics I loved as a kid, which were able to balance both.”

It’s true that Spider-Man always remains charming and quippy even when he is in mortal danger. Whether he is on the battlefield with the Avengers or staring down villains from his own rogues gallery, Peter Parker knows how to handle things, no matter the danger.

The Stakes Are Higher For Scott Lang Than Ever Before



In the interview, Loveness praised Paul Rudd for his acting. He said that when Kang shows up in the film, Scott realizes the stakes of the situation and what kind of trouble he is in. As per the writer:

“Rudd does some pretty incredible acting. There’s a shift that happens. Once Kang shows up, once Scott realizes just who he’s dealing with, the movie starts to pivot. You see it in Rudd’s eyes. Scott’s a goofy, playful guy, but he’s been in jail twice, he’s fought in these big Avengers things, and you can see his eyes slowly change – ‘Oh, I’m not dealing with Walter Goggins from the last movie, this is something else!'”

Loveness says that Scott realizes that it’s up to him to save his family. As per Loveness:

“You start to see that come over him. ‘These are real stakes. I’m not here with Captain America and Thor. I’m here with my family. And I am completely out of my depth.’ So what starts as a fun, playful adventure pivots into this kind of unlikely rivalry. It’s kind of fun to have Ant-Man and Kang be nemeses together.”

It will be interesting to see what the outcome of this rivalry is. Although if the rumored plot leak is right, then nothing’s good in store for Scott Lang and his family.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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