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Ant-Man And Wasp: Quantumania Setting Teased In Ms. Marvel

By Romesh Khatri
June 14,2022

The opening of Ms. Marvel is artistically brilliant. We see Kamala making fan videos depicting the epic fight of Endgame between Avengers and Thanos. We see all the snippets of Captain America fighting with his broken shield, heavy Thor flying around, and Hawkeye hitting targets with three arrows. Finally, Captain Marvel arrives to save the day and destroy Thanos’ ship. Then gives him a beatdown herself.

But a bigger question arises, how did Kamala know so much detail about this fight? These details could have only been accounted for by someone who was present on the battlefield. Maybe there is someone who was present there and is outing this information to the general folks of the MCU.

Scott Lang’s side hustle

One big blink-and-miss moment, in the beginning, explains what Scott Lang has been doing after Avenger: Endgame. Scott Lang (Ant-Man) is featured throughout the episode. Well, almost every superhero is dropped as an easter egg (not as much as Captain Marvel, though). Then comes a snippet showing Scott’s podcast, named ‘Big Me Little Me.’


Scott Lang podcast named Big me little me

Through Scott Lang’s podcast, Marvel has made it clear that all Endgame events are open to the general public. Scott and his gang of misfits have always looked at hustles to make money. This podcast is another one of Luiz (Michael Peña), Dave, and Kurt’s schemes, and maybe Scott is involved here too for easy and harmless money. This podcast could be where Scott and Luiz reveal details of the epic fight or invite other superheroes to share their stories.

It’s also a testament to artistic freedom given to new MCU creators because not only they are telling stories of superheroes at an epic proportion. But they are also taking the influence of the real world and making it relatable to the real-world MCU fanbase.

Ant-Man’s trip to Paris

After completing her video, Kamala uploads them on her YouTube channel called ‘Sloth Baby Productions.’ The channel currently has two subscribers, mainly her friends Bruno and Nakia. Other videos on the channel which are explaining Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) origin story and question how she got her powers or where she is now.

Interestingly, there is also a video on the channel which features Ant-Man and Wasp’s romantic vacation in Paris. Looking at Paris being black and white, it could be a photo-based on Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne’s (the original Ant-Man and Wasp) trip and not Scott and Hope’s.

Ms. Marvel Ant Man and The Wasp Quantumania possible easter egg

Ms. Marvel Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania possible easter egg

As per the news, Quantummania will show the fight between Team Pym and Kang the Conquerer. Kang is one of Marvel’s most formidable villains. And defeating him would take something very special from Hank Pym. Maybe, the older heroes hid something in Paris, whether a weapon or a lab. Scott could use this weapon or lab to win against the Kang.

Paris can be used as a location of a hidden Pym lab, which Kang could use to arrive on Earth. Or Paris may be set for the final showdown itself, where Team Pym will try to extract the weapon for the face-off against Kang.

Whatever it is, it looks exciting and all of us Marvel fans are here for it.


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