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Ant-Man, Eternals, And Shang Chi Easter Eggs In She-Hulk Ep 2

By Mohit Srivastava
August 25,2022

Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney At Law saw the return of our Big-Green Attorney Jennifer Walters. The episode titled ‘Superhuman Law’ was directed by Kat Coiro. It starred Tatiana Maslany, Mark Ruffalo, and Tim Roth in significant roles. Although the episode did have multiple callbacks and references to past events in MCU, we will be discussing three very cool easter eggs – they are about Eternals, Ant-Man, and Shang Chi.

So let’s get into them.

Easter Egg in Shang Chi Ep 2

Easter Eggs in Shang Chi Ep 2

The Eternals reference

Tiamut's corpse in the ocean at the end of Eternals

Tiamut’s corpse in the ocean at the end of Eternals

She-Hulk finally answered the fan’s long-pending question – why were there no repercussions for a huge Celestial’s dead statue poking out of the ocean? Giving a quick recap, in the movie Eternals, the group called Eternals is led by Sersi (Gamma Chen). They together managed to stop the birth of the Celestial – Tiamut from Earth, thus saving the earth from the resulting destruction. Yet, the Celestial’s giant head and a palm remained to poke out of the ocean.

In the She-Hulk episode 2, Jennifer in one scene is browsing through her laptop about possible ‘offbeat jobs’. On the side of one of its webpage, a headline can be seen – “Why there is a giant statue of a man sticking out of the ocean“. This evidently was a reference to Tiamut’s head poking out of the ocean at the end of Eternals.

Finally, fans’ raging claims for it can be put to rest as Marvel hilariously acknowledged the Eternals’ ending.

The Ant-Man reference

Ant-Man in Quantum Realm

Ant-Man in Quantum Realm

In the same scene of She-Hulk as mentioned above, there is also another hyperlink saying – Find Ant-Man. Now that either could mean simply mean a simple online gaming interface similar to that of ‘Where’s Waldo?’, or it could be a nod to the upcoming Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania.

What could that nod be? Well, there was a teaser trailer for the movie which exclusively was shown at SDCC 2022. Although it has not yet been released online to the general public, its details have surfaced online. It involved the entire squad with Hank Pym, Janet, Wasp, and Ant-Man getting sucked into the Quantum Realm.

The past record of Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man) has him getting lost repeatedly in Quantum Realm for long periods of time – first briefly at the end of Ant-Man, then at the end of Ant-Man & The Wasp only to emerge during Endgame, and then now in Quantumania. This hilarious reference could refer to his tendency of getting lost in the real world repeatedly.

The Shang-Chi reference

Abomination fighting Wong in Shang Chi

Abomination fighting Wong in Shang Chi

The episode also gives a reference to Shang Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings. In Shang Chi, it was seen that Abomination and Wong were fighting in a fight club of the Ten Rings. The Fight Club was managed by Shang-Chi’s sister. In this episode, Tim Roth’s Emil Blonsky (aka Abomination) makes his appearance, and trailers have shown that Wong will soon appear too.

In the episode, however, when Jennifer calls the GLK & H‘s head Holliway to confirm about her accepting the job and Blonsky’s case, he asks her to see the news. When Jen switches on news, it was running a program showing the Abomination and Wong’s fight at the club. The news reporter says – “So far there have been no statements made by Emil Blonsky’s attorney after shocking footage leaked showing the Abomination participating in what appears to be an underground fight club after having somehow escaped from prison”.

Wong will probably be called as a witness for the same. He will be called to explain how Blonsky escaped (probably with the help of his portal-making ring). Thereafter, it might be revealed that Blonsky either did it to earn some money for himself, or the officials asked him to do it so that they may grab some evidence against the Ten Rings. Whatever it may be, it shall be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law‘s first two episodes are now streaming on Disney+.

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