Are Yoda And Yaddle Grogu's Parents?
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Are Yoda And Yaddle Grogu’s Parents?

There are only 3 characters from Yoda’s species- Yaddle, Grogu, and the Jedi master himself. So could the two be Grogu’s parents?

By Ishita Chatterjee
November 1,2022

Where does Grogu come from, and who are his parents? These questions have long made rounds of several Star Wars Reddit subs. While there are many theories, one of the most popular ones is that Yoda and Yaddle are his parents. But is this true? Let us find out.

Why Do We Think They Are Grogu’s Parents?¬†

Grogu, Yoda and Yaddle

Yoda, Grogu and Yaddle

Grogu, Yoda, and Yaddle belong to a very rare species. The name of the species hasn’t been disclosed as of yet, but as far as we know, these three are the only living members of it. As such, it won’t be beyond the norms of logic to assume that Yoda and Yaddle had Grogu.

After all, even though the Order forbids romantic relationships and connections, exceptions are made for Jedis from species with low populations. A similar exception could have been made for Yoda. Also, the fact that Grogu was born around the time both were on the council lends support to this theory.

Why Yoda And Yaddle Probably Aren’t Grogu’s Parents¬†

Master Yoda

Master Yoda

The reverse of the above explanation is also true. Just because we know two living members of the species doesn’t mean they are the sole survivors. There could very well be others who might have procreated and had Grogu.

Also, note that Yaddle left the council after the Battle of Naboo. The second most popular theory is that Grogu could have been born into existence by the will of the Force and that’s why he’s special. Also, as a result, he has no father.

Yoda’s Species Could Have Been Created By The Force Tree

Force Tree in The Last Jedi

Force Tree in The Last Jedi

It’s entirely possible that Yoda and his brethren don’t have a home planet and that they were all created through the Force Tree. Reddit user r/kschlueter explains:

“A meteor just crashes into a planet, and maybe it has a seed that grows a Force tree, and the Yoda species gestates and grows slowly within the tree in a tree hollow until it reaches a certain age and then the treehollow bursts open and releases it.”

They further say:

“That would also explain why Force trees are so sacred, why Yoda’s species is green and has such a strong connection to nature, and why they seem to like to eat things like frogs and snakes and bugs.”

This theory is interesting because it would additionally explain their long lives, similar to that of huge trees. Their strength and control over the Force could also be clarified through this. After all, Force Trees are extremely strong and imbued with the Force. So it would explain why the stories is so adept at using it.

If this theory holds water, then the scene of Yoda burning the Force Tree in The Last Jedi would be more tragic. It would also explain why the species is so rare, just like the Force Trees.

Overall, Yoda and Yaddle are probably not Grogu’s parents, and we don’t even know how their species reproduces. It will be interesting to see how the Star Wars bosses eventually explain this.