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Are You A Witcher Fan? Then You Should Familiarize Yourself With These 20 Witcher Facts

By Ishita Chatterjee
April 1,2021

The Witcher has introduced a lot of people to Geralt of Rivia as well as the fascinating world he lives in. Even if you have fully binge-watched the entire season, we are sure that there are still some things you won’t know about the show and the world Geralt lives in.

But we won’t draw it out too long, so here are the 20 fun Witcher facts that you probably didn’t know about before. 

20 Unknown Witcher Facts That Even Most Hardcore Fans Won’t Know

Witcher Facts

Witcher Facts

1. Geralt Doesn’t Worship

This won’t be surprising to many but Geralt doesn’t believe that there is a God. He also doesn’t follow a certain faith. Actually, he just wants to get coins and kill monsters. Now that is a way of life we can respect.

2. Geralt Is In Other Games As Well

Apart from the Witcher games, Geralt has shown up in Monster Hunter: World as well as Soulcalibur IV. If you don’t really get the big deal about it then we will explain it in short-these games are really popular and Geralt being in them means that he is also in major gaming franchises. Ergo, he is just a really famous character.

3. Geralt’s Mom Was Actually A Sorceress

In the Witcher, world sorceresses are said to be barren. But Visenna, who is Geralt’s mother turned out to be an exception to the rule. However, she wasn’t with him at all and instead gave him up to a group of witchers when Geralt was a baby. Even Geralt doesn’t know why she did that but suffice to say, this just adds to his trauma. 

4. Geralt Of Rivia? Uh No

Geralt isn’t actually from the place called Rivia. Actually, he is from a place known as Kaedwen. The reason why he calls himself Geralt of Rivia is because he chose Rivia as his birthplace. Why? So that he appears more regal and prestigious. After all, the Queen also hails from Rivia.

5. Henry Cavill Actually Method Acted In It

Henry Cavill actually pushes himself too far to get that signature rugged look that Geralt has. He didn’t just exercise for it, he actually even dehydrated himself as well! This just shows how committed he is to the role.

6. Witchers Are Actually Mutants

Witchers are mutants and not wizards or sorcerers. We know that the word mutant does sound weird in a fantastical setting like this, but that’s simply the truth. After all, Geralt’s people weren’t born having magic. They are just humans who got it by using magical science.

7. Geralt Wants To Be A Human

Geralt Is a great Witcher but we all know that he is wary of the job. After all, he didn’t really get a choice in this. So it probably won’t surprise you that much that Geralt actually wants to be a normal dude who does normal things. There are times when he wants to leave it all behind, but he fears that he won’t be able to do anything else since this life is all that he has ever known.

8. Witcher Training Isn’t A Cakewalk

You already knew this but probably not to the extent of it. Know that training to become a witcher takes a lot of mental and physical strength. There are even schools as well as different ways one can become a witcher. But all they involve a tonne of pain.

9. Netflix Geralt Looks Kinda Different

In the books, Geralt is described as being not really….conventionally attractive. In fact, he has a lot of scars- this is the one thing which only the games have followed. But Netflix just went ahead and cast one of the best looking actors in the business. But not that we are complaining at all.

10. His Hair Got Turned White

Geralt’s white mane is one of his trademark attributes but he isn’t the only white-haired monster fighter going around. Also, that white hair isn’t a staple of witchers. In fact, this white hair was the result of him getting infused with magic when he was a child.

Henry Cavill As Witcher

Henry Cavill As Witcher

11. He’s Called The “White Wolf”

In the Witcher world, Geralt is called ‘Gwynbleidd’ by nonhuman species. It means white wolf and we imagine he is called that because of that white flowing mane and his animal-like prowess.

12. Witchers Are On The Endangered List 

Yeah, Geralt’s kind isn’t going to be much longer here. This is because witchers aren’t really loved anywhere in the world that they inhabit. Their presence alone raises conspiracies and suspicion because they have otherworldly techniques and abilities. Of course, this suspicion leads to raids on the schools where witchers were trained. As such overtime, his kind has become rarer.

13. Joey Batey- An Actual Lute Player

Jaskier, Geralt’s sidekick is portrayed by Joey Batey. As Jaskier, Batey is a sweet bard, but do you know that he is actually a lute player and one who is clearly talented at that as well? Actually, one of the reasons Batey got the role was because he played the lute during his audition.

14. Celebrity Cameos? Not In The Witcher

Author Andrzej Sapkowski has promised that there won’t be any kind of bizarre or weird celebrity cameos in the Netflix show. He is probably referencing the scene in Game of Thrones where Ed Sheeran popped up and teased his new song and then nobody heard from him again in the show. In fact, he is definitely referencing the Ed Sheeran thing since he said at Comic-Con that: 

“I believe that my job as a creative consultant for this series is to make sure that at NO point in the show [will] Ed Sheeran sing.” 

What can we say except thank you Andrzej.

15. A Game of Thrones-Level Blunder Was Almost Done 

Do you remember all the memes and criticism about a Starbucks cup being left on the table for everyone to see in the final season of Game of Thrones? Well, something like that almost happened in the show as well. In The Witcher, the car headlight almost got left in. Thankfully it was spotted by an employee doing the VFX and so we were all spared that awkwardness. 

16. A Witcher Movie? 

Know that The Witcher universe got first adapted in a movie called The Hexer way back in 2001. But that Polish film didn’t really do great with fans or critics and as a result, it was quickly forgotten. After all the special effects of that time were sorely lacking to make something of this scale. Another shot was given to The Witcher in the form of a Polish tv show in 2022 but that lasted just a season as well.

17. Geralt Is Special

Geralt is said to be stronger than his other witcher colleagues. After all, he is said to have ended up with 10 times the power of his ordinary colleagues after the Trial of the Grasses. This is the mutation method that turns someone into a full-fledged witcher. This entire thing is ironic since Geralt just wants to be a normal human.

18. Henry Cavill Signed On Because He Was A Witcher Fan

200 actors were auditioned for Geralt but Henry Cavill scored the role. Of course, him being Superman and already having a large fan following helped, but along with that, the casting people were blown away by how much of a fan he was. So it makes sense that the role went to the one who was the most passionate about the project.

19. That Witcher’s Code? That Isn’t Real

Yeah, that Witcher’s Code is in no way a real thing. Actually, Geralt as well as his other witcher colleagues just make up this code when they need to explain to their clients why they are doing something. As you might have guessed, they are just fully making it all up as they go. But well…it does seem to be working for them fine till now. 

20. Geralt Is Kinda Old

If you look at the games or even at the Netflix show, it might seem to you that Geralt is a guy in his early 30s or 40s. However, there are several elements that hint that he is actually between 90-95 years old. This isn’t really surprising since witchers are known to have longer lifespans and they will need that since their jobs are so stressful. 

So these were the top 20 Witcher trivia that we had. Do you have any more? Then do tell us! 

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