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Armor Wars Will Now Be Releasing As A Movie Instead Of A Series

Armor Wars, which was supposed to be premiered on Disney+ as a series is now supposedly gonna be released as a movie

By Eswar Keshav
September 30,2022

After being announced in late 2020 as a series on Disney+ and receiving no major updates till now, the first big major announcement might be a bit of a blow to fans as it might not be what they expect.

The Armor Wars Announcement

War Machine

War Machine

After donning the name of one of the most famous comic storylines in the Iron Man comics, fans were a bit intrigued as well as shocked to hear that we might have to witness the live-action adaptation of the Armor Wars storyline without Tony Stark. From the title logo reveal and announcement in 2020, we don’t have any concrete information yet on this project and there wasn’t any announcement regarding this at D23 or Comic Con.

Looking at how it is not present in Phase projects, it might be a project for Phase 6 or after, Don Cheadle did reassure fans that Armor Wars will be going ahead, due to its lack of updates which made some fans think that the project may be canceled.

Very recently, Marvel declared that they are now converting this series into a movie format as they think that a movie would be the right way to narrate this story. Production on the series is slated to start in 2023 and it also looks like there will be no change in the screenwriter. We also got to know that Armor Wars will supposedly set right after the incidents of Secret Invasion and that Don Cheadle will be playing War Machine in the Secret Invasion series as well.

This decision might end up being a breather for fans who may have some gripes about to having watched too many series instead of movies, let’s wait and see how this decision pans out in the future when Armor Wars gets released in either Phase 6 or after the Multiverse Sage.



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